Adele caught my attention and captured my soul.

She is one good singer who caught my attention initially with her lead single “Rolling in the Deep” which became a number one hit with its heart thumping beats, catching tunes and moving lyrics. Subsequently, she caught my attention again when my friend posted a video of her singing “Someone Like You” on her wall. The words in the song seemed to struck a chord and I listened intently to it over and over again until it dawned upon me. I really like her voice. It is unique, it is thick and it carries her emotions through the entire song. I was spurred to get my hands on the album “Adele 21” to hear the rest of the songs.

Adele 21

I was glad I did. So here I present to you 3 of my favourites in this album.

1. Rolling in the Deep

When I first heard this song, I was captivated. The rhythm of this song just makes you want to tap your feet to it, move along with the drumbeat and sing along with Adele with gusto. It is really good for venting out all your frustration towards your lover, like how she did. It is addictive. I had this on repeat mode for close to 3 whole days. (That’s me when I really enjoy a song, not that I hate my love..)

I went on to look at the music video and it is really abstract. The smashing of the plates against the wall reminds me of all the things that broke because of the fights, the dancer sweeping and dancing away is like all the feelings entwined. Love or hate, one can no longer tell. In the dark and lonely room, Adele sings. It’s a blunt reflection of what she had went through. Guess in any relationship, there’s bound to be ups and downs. But when it gets too much to bear, one has no choice but to give up. She’s really strong in that sense, translating all her emotions into a beautiful song.

Moving to my next favourite in the album:

2. Someone Like You

I came to know of this song when I saw the home made video of Adele singing in her own home in my newsfeed on facebook. The person who posted this is a friend of mine who has just ended a long distance relationship and this song resonated with her. I felt her dilemna and her pain. How frustrating it is and perhaps somewhat helpless. A line in the song goes,” Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” I’m sure this is an emotion many of us felt. In love between any two human beings, there’s always up and down. That’s also what makes love enchanting, isn’t it?

The third song that I really got hooked on is this:

3. He won’t go

It’s partially due to the lyrics that got me listening to this song. When two people are in love, nothing really seems to matter. One’s dignity, the harsh words that were exchanged, the cold comfort from your friends to leave for someone better. All of these will be brushed away once these two people made up. As long as they stick together through thick and thin and insist on loving each other, no one can really come in between them. I was also reminded of what my husband says. “In love, people tend to give up too easily. They want to work things out but can hardly afford the time, lest the effort.” How true…

Another part of the song which I find really unique is the way she sing a particular line in the song. I’ve attached the video to the song below. Listen carefully to how she sing each line of the chorus of the song.

 She likes to pull the last note higher than the rest, isn’t it? So different and special. Lovely.

She’s also one fiesty lady who know what she is good at and does not pay attention to others who tries to put her down. When told by her manager to lose some weight, she replied,” I make music for the ears, not for the eyes.” How can I not admire someone who stands up for herself and wants to be loved just by being herself?

So for now, I’m going to allow my ears to feast themselves on this album.

Til the next post! 🙂


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