‘Loud’ is not so loud afterall.

This post is rather backdated but nonetheless, I overcame my laziness and decided to blog about it because there were certain events that left me puzzled and annoyed.

I attended the Loud Festival on Friday, 7th October, filled with eagerness to watch the concert as I haven’t been to one since Sammi Cheng’s in April. What added on to the hype about this concert is that other than appearances put up by Soda Green, one really cool rock band with a lead singer who has a unique voice and Landy, a R & B singer whom I’ve admired for her groovy moves, slender yet toned silhouette as well as her songs is the much anticipated performance by Jay Chou.

This is the very poster used for the promotion of the Loud Festival in Singapore and the only bit that was different was that the venue has been changed to the Singapore Indoor Stadium and of course the prices, in SGD.

Naturally, the turnout was good. With almost the whole stadium filled up, I believed everyone expected a good show.

The show started with Soda Green rocking the stadium with their fast tracks close to 845pm. The atmosphere was high and everyone was swaying along to their songs and since there were lyrics on the screen,  we tried to sing along as well.

Soda Green @ Loud Festival Singapore 2011 (Taken from XINMSN)

Next up, Landy performed some of her famous tracks such as 藍色雨 (The Blue Rain), 祝我生日快乐 (I wish myself a Happy Birthday) and 傻瓜(Like a Fool). She was also warmly received, although the responses weren’t as good as that for Soda Green.

When Landy finishes her last song, there was a local band by the name of  红毛派 (The Red Hair Faction which also means the Pro-English Group in Hokkien) which appeared on the stage with a really catcy song《一百万》(One Million Dollars). Although I wasn’t familiar with them, the song they sang had gone viral a while back and it is a song which most would definitely recognize and would be able to sing, or at least hum to.

This turned out to one of the lowest point of the concert. Not only were the audience unappreciative of this group who is not publicized on the poster, the sudden appearance of this local band just seemed to turned many of the audiences into people who had too much a drink. Many people stood up, took their toilet break, leaving their seats empty and treating the performance by the local band as though that is the interval for the show. It is definitely not encouraging, neither was it gracious. P.S. Even the media thinks that they are insignificant! I can’t find a photo of them on the net for this post!!! Shame on Singaporeans. 😦

The next performer, a  beautiful lady by the name of Cindy Yuan Yong Lin (袁詠琳) took on the stage with a fast track. That again did not strike a chord with the crowd. More than a quarter of the seats were still empty. Streams of people were still queuing for the toilet, lining the walkway, walking around as though the show has ended. I don’t understand why Singaporeans can be so inconsiderate. Someone new has mustered courage to take on the stage to sing and perform yet we can’t even provide that little bit of encouragement or support by just staying put.

Needless to say, when the 2 performance by performers of little poularity ceased, everyone seemed to have also zapped back to their seats. When Jay came on, the response from the crowd was overwhelming.

Just when I thought the show is going to get really exciting, I was let down. My enthusiasm was doused by the overpowering squeals and yells by a huge group of Jay Chou’s diehard fans around me. For every little thing he did or said that mentioned how caring the crowd was or how much he enjoyed himself in Singapore, there will be screams from some crazy fans. He was not exceptionally charming, though he did performed a very interesting piece on the piano. Rapping away in a muffled voice which no one could decipher, singing his songs a tad too laid back and trying really hard to dance along to his own songs. all that bored me. No doubt his songs are well written and the tunes are often made for the song but there’s something about him that I can’t fathom. What is it that he got and excites his fans so much that they’ll go wild at the pure sight of him? I’m clueless. I was jotted out of my thoughts when he invited Landy back on stage to perform their famous duet 屋顶(At the Rooftop).

Just as I was enjoying mysef listening to them sing, the whole concert came to an abrupt end right after their performance. The lights came on and it is as though we have all been woken up from a dream. No encore, no thank-you-audience speeches, no joint performances by all the performers for the night. The show simply ended.

I was baffled. How could they just stop???  Worst, we could not even protest. As soon as the lights were turned on, the technical support crew moved hastily onto the stage and began to dismantle the equipment. I was speechless. It is definitely one of the shortest and most anticlimatic concert I’ve ever been to. Boo.

Til the next post! 😀


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