A Successful Dinner

Poh was getting sick of eating out daily so after a long while of not cooking, I decided to get back into the kitchen to whip up some dishes.

He wanted a super healthy meal so we opted for fish, chicken soup and green vegetables.

I gave mum a call, told her the things I wanted to cook, received many instructions from her and yet still feel insecure about cooking the dish with no proper guidelines to follow.

As I was idle on the train on my way home, I did a quick google search for the 3 dishes I wanted to cook and chanced upon a website offering recipes that were easy to follow. The best part is I could find the recipes for all the three dishes I wanted to cook in this website! Woohoo! Please check it out. It’s called NoobCook. Perfect for noob cooks like me. 😉

Using my iphone to load the pages containing the receipes as a guide, I started preparing my dish with a little more confidence. Here goes:

First dish: The Ginseng Chicken Soup Recipe

I bought a pre-pack containing all the herbs necessary for the soup and used 2 chicken legs chopped into 8 pieces.

Chicken Legs


Herbs for Ginseng Chicken Soup

 Second Dish: The Teochew Steamed Fish

I used the white promfret for this. Bought the fish at Simei East Point Mall NTUC. Had the fishmonger helped me clean the insides of the fish. The stomach was slit so I could place the ginger slices in with ease.

Successful Dinner_3

White Promfret

Mum had also kindly helped me prepared all the necessary ingredients to go with the fish. THANK YOU MUM! MUAKS!

Successful Dinner_3

Ingredients For Teochew Steamed Fish

Last Dish: Stir Fried Kailan

For this dish, I did not add carrots as I did not buy any. Used 300 g of kailan instead and added a little too much seasoning. Keke…

Upon finishing, this is a picture of my end product…

Successful Dinner_4


I felt quite proud of myself. Hee hee. Felt so accomplished and motivated to prepare another dinner. I will and I shall!

Til the next post! 😀

What Say You? ;)

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