The Experience at Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery

Met up with my classmates from secondary school last Friday!

We had decided to give the place Antoinette@Mandarin Gallery a try and I had bravely volunteered to go down early so as to get us a seat. Apparently, this place, no doubt famous for its desserts, is also famous for being filled up quickly during meals.

After attending a briefing, I headed home to bath and went down to queue. It was slightly past 6 when I reached. There wasn’t a queue in sight. Phew, I thought to myself.

Antoinette@Mandarin Gallery

Approaching one of the staff, I asked if I could reserve a table for seven people. She told me that reservations weren’t allowed and I would have to wait outside the restaurant for her to make the arrangement for 7 people as she would need to join tables together and wait for the patrons occupying those seats to finish their meals. I took a seat on the long purple sofa parked outside the restaurant and decided to take a short nap while waiting.


Weisau was the first to join me at 645pm. By then, there was another lady seated next to me on the sofa. She was also in the queue and had asked for a table for 6 people. The queue was forming as we waited. When we were allowed into the restaurant, it was close to 715pm and there were definitely more than 10 people in the line.

Starving, we decided to look through the menu and perhaps order some food for ourselves first. Siyi, XiongWei(XW) and Shingkit(SK) joined us shortly. When the two gentlemen arrive, it struck me that they were both wearing checkered print!

Same Same But Different

Such a coincidence isn’t it?

As it was our first time at Antoinette and we wanted to try as many of their dishes as possible, we ordered mains to share.

Yummy Seafood Aglio Olio

Grandma's Chicken Leg that came with yummy mash potato and french beans

Yummy Crepe


ShingKit(SK) and I both had different perspectives towards this dish and both our comments made the group rolled their eyes.

Me: The bacon looked like my dog’s beef jerky.

SK: The rice looks like it’s been cooked for babies.

Hee hee…

Second last main:

Something.. Florentine? Crispy bread.

I didn’t take a picture of the last dish as it looked very much like the chicken leg except it was beef we ordered. It didn’t taste as good as the rest too. :/

As we were sharing the mains, XW displayed his motherly instincts and helped us cut the food into equal portions! THANK YOU! ^^

XW cutting up the crepe

While he was at it, SK, being his usual self was up to no good.

SK attempting to kill an oblivious XW with a butter knife

Not forgetting the fact that this place is famous for its dessert, we ordered macaroons and cakes after finishing the mains.

I had this macaron which had raspberry filling in it and it taste nice. It was a little pricey though, one macaron that was barely larger than a ping pong ball for a hefty $3.50. :/

Raspberry-filled Macaron


1. Be prepared to be there really early to guarantee yourself a seat, especially if you are going with a big group of friends.

2. Order many mains to share so that you can to try a variety of their delectable dishes.

3. Bring along a cardigan or shawl if you intend to stay for desserts and tea. The place is freezing!

4. If you are a guy, be prepared to stand out as majority of the patrons of this restaurant were ladies. 😉

5. It is an interesting place to visit as the place is decorated with interesting ornaments.(There were plates hanging on the wall) Although there were only 3 staff serving the entire floor, they are attentive and do provide good service.

I’ll give this place a rating of 4 out of 5 star. 😉

After the meal, we decided to find a place for a drink and chilled out at Old Town. Shan suggested coming up with the seating plan that we had and it got all of us tickled and worked up when we just couldn’t figure out who we could have missed! It turned out that I had been the forgetful one and did not mention that name of the person when they were trying to trace the identity of her by grouping our classmates according to their CCA. Oops! Her identity finally came to light when SK went back to refer to the yearbook. Ha!!

Til the next post! 🙂


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