Raymond’s Wedding at Marriott Hotel

Last Saturday was the Big Day for my cousin, Raymond & his wife, Lilian.

Raymond & Lilian

I had woken up early in the morning at 745am despite the late night out with the 4Justice Gang on Friday. Unable to return to sleep, I got started on all the household chores I had put on hold. Haha!

I was so engrossed in getting all the housework done and almost in the blink of an eye, it was close to 11am! I rushed to get dressed and hailed a cab. Luck was on my side as I got a cab almost without waiting. However, the traffic on PIE was bad and there were congestion along the journey to Marriott. The cab driver had to step on his brakes many times along the way and the ride was simply jerky. As a result, I was both giddy and nauseous.

P.S.: As a child, I have never been a fan of long journey for the very same reason: motion sickness. Bleh.

Upon reaching Marriott, I was greeted by my dear brother who has kindly came down to fetch his sick sister . There were many friends and family of Raymond and Lilian who gathered in the lounge to offer their blessings and well wishes.

Soon, the lunch venue was ready and the waiters opened the doors to the ballroom. When we made our way in, what really caught my attention was the ethereal glow of the place. I really liked the decorations, especially the walkway to the stage. Lighting lines both sides of the red carpet and this does make the couple glow, literally, and stand out as they made their way into the Grand Ballroom during their grand entrance.

Marriott Grand Ballroom

This was also one of the shortlisted venue for our wedding lunch but we had decided to go ahead with Intercontinental because I really like the huge chandeliers in Intercontinental’s ballroom.

The decorations at the VIP table was beautiful too. A unique stand with pink flowers and matching white candles and clear crystals dangling from it.

Decorations at VIP Table @ Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom

What also caught my attention was the variety of chilli they offered to the VIPs: the green picked chili, chopped chili padi, chopped chili in soya sauce and ground sambal chili. How thoughtful! Mum, being a fan of chili, would be pleased. 😉

As the eldest in the family, Dad and Mum sat at the VIP table. Brother and I took a seat at table 30, together with the other cousins.

As at all weddings, wedding favours are a must-have. As Raymond’s wife is a staff with the Marina Bay Sands, choosing poker cards as a gift for their guests was apt.

Poker Cards & Coaster

While we were all busy chatting and eating and enjoying the blissful ambience that surrounded us, there’s always time for pictures!


Me and Brother

Top Row: 二叔,三姑丈,三姑姐,姑妈,大姑丈,小姑姐, 小姑丈, 三叔 & Bottom Row: 四姑姐,四姑丈,妈妈,爸爸

四姑姐and四姑丈are the parents of Raymond who was getting married and 妈妈 and 爸爸 are of course my parents. Ha!

Here’s another shot of Brother acting cool:


Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love, and they blossom when we love the one we married.

To Raymond & Lilian: May the two of you find love and happiness in each other’s arms everyday!

Til the next post! 🙂


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