Tea Fit For Royalty

Being a tea fanatic since I-don’t-know-when, my favourite choice of beverage during any time of the day would naturally be TEA! When my 자기야was still in Singapore, we would meet really often at our favourite haunt to drink Teh Tarik. Will blog about it the next time she’s back in Town for teh with me. Hint to 자기야: Come back soon wor. 🙂

Bubble tea, a favourite among Singaporeans, was also a drink which I’ll opt for quite often in the past since as it contains tea. The standard of this drink, however, is getting from bad to worst as most of the tea that many bubble tea shops in Singapore offer are either bland or have a bitter after taste. Most of the concoctions theses shops prepare are reduced to mere sugary drinks which should not be even classified as tea. On several occasions, I could not even detect any tea in my cup. As a result, I avoided drinking bubble tea and have not had any urge to buy one til the arrival of Gong Cha in the humble estate of Simei.

My first impression of Gong Cha was that it is just another bubble tea shop, selling overpriced sugary drinks with creative names and fanciful additions. It turned out that I was quite wrong.

The shop is tucked in an inconspicuous corner. One could easily miss it unless you are on your way to withdraw money from the POSB Branch Office or you are in the taxi queue. I was the former. After withdrawing cash from the ATM, I was making my way to back entrance of the mall when this shop came into sight. Peering into the shop, there was no patrons. It is usually said that unless the food is good or the store is reputable, there is hardly anyone who would visit the place. I was skeptical at first too. Then again, I recall my friends comparing this to the oh-so-famous KOI which I’m not particularly keen for as I really dislike the coffee mate that they added in their drink. Determined to prove them wrong that this is worth the money, I decided to get one to try.

Spoilt for choices, I decided to go for a tea-based drink with 3 additions: Earl Grey with 3J, namely the pearl jelly, the pudding jelly and the herbal jelly.

It was good. I was sold. There was tea. There was the yummy jellies which tasted good even when added into the drink together. There was no mild powdery-like after taste I got in my mouth after I drank iced milk tea from KOI. It left me wanting more.

Earl Grey with 3J

After trying really hard to think on when I’ve first heard of Gong-Cha, I finally recall I did have my first cup of Gong-Cha not from this outlet but the one at Scape with my sister. We had ordered Lemon Ai-Yu, a refreshing citrus beverage which has clear pearls, rather than the usual black coloured ones. Although it did quenched our thirst, I did not took much notice of it then til this outlet in Simei opened again.

Eager to get another Earl Grey with 3J, I went back to the outlet on a Saturday afternoon. It was packed. -_-

There was a long queue, both to order and to pick up their drink from the counter on the right. Undaunted, I queued patiently for my drink but was upset to be told that the pudding were out of stock and they could not accede to my request. Not wanting to lose a potentially loyal customer, the service crew was patient to introduce other drinks to me despite the impatient queue that is extending behind me. After trying one that is fanciful, I decided to go for the brewed tea to see if they serve the real thing, minus all the top-ups. I ordered the Black Tea and Alisan Green Tea.

They were just as good as freshly brewed tea, except chilled. The fragrance of the tea lingers as one takes a sip and each tea is distinct in their own ways. The Black Tea is more aromatic whereas the Alisan Green Tea has a unique malty taste.


I am definitely going back to try more of their teas. Do join me and let me know the one that leaves you wanting more. 😉

Til the next post! 🙂

2 Responses to “Tea Fit For Royalty”
  1. 자기야 says:

    Did you miss me that much that i see 자기야 in almost every blog entry? haha~~ Oh well, you can stick your eyes to those deals and see if you can hop to Macau ah~ I’ll bring you to Comebuy, not really that fantastic but definitely better than Koi~~

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Wah~ I really want to go to Macau. But it’s really hard to fit a trip over, especially when I am still studying for my Specialist Diploma.. 😦 By the time I’m done, you’ll be off to elsewhere … O_o

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