I love Fridays the most out of the seven days of the week.


Simply because Friday marks the end of work and the start of rest! ;D

Though it is not really the case for me (that is due to the fact that I do work on weekends too, unofficially!), Friday is also the day which many people unwind. Meet-ups with friends for a meal or even catch up with family members is also usually arranged on Fridays and this applies especially to me now that I have moved out to live with my husband.

I was especially pleased last Friday as the annual Promotional Exercise my colleagues and I were attending ended by noon. I had time for a proper lunch with some of my colleagues whom I have not spoken to for a while as we were all caught up with work. Though we did discuss work over lunch (Bleh.), it served as a rare opportunity for us to catch up and joke around.

QY, Me( Pardon the messy hair. Bleh.), JQ

QY and JQ are 2 very important people in the 4 years of my teaching career with the school. They provided listening ears, encouraging words and light entertainment. (if you work with them, you would understand. Hee hee…) We shared our woes, helped one another out and hang out after school events, usually at JQ’s favourite club, The Boiler’s Room at St. James. (While the girls drink and chat, JQ leer at GINO… Just kidding!) It was fun. With time, our workload got heavier and we had our family commitment to attend to. We are still good friends, but we hung out less often. So it was really good, no matter how short it was, to do lunch together and catch up quickly. 🙂

After lunch, I went for my doctor appointment at the Changi General Hospital (CGH).  I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2007 and visiting the CGH has become a common affair for me since. Every 2-3 months, I would need to take a blood test and 2 hours later, I would see the doctor for a review of my condition. I was late for the blood test session last Wednesday and I could not attend the consultation session as the doctor had to rush off to a seminar he was conducting. The nurse had rescheduled my appointment with the doctor to Friday and I was glad that my condition has improved since the last time I met up with the doctor. He advised me to continue taking my medication until our next appointment and we can decide if I can stop my course of medication then. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

The wait at the CGH is as usual, horribly long and unbearable. Even though I reached the CGH at 2 pm, it was almost 3.35pm when I left. Bleh. I quickly made my way to the Starbucks@Eastpoint Mall where I had arranged to meet Jesslyn.

Jesslyn and Me. Can you tell her age? When I knew of it, I was in disbelief.

Jesslyn is my new-found friend whom I have gotten to know through Esther. (I’ll introduce her another time. :)) She comes to Singapore monthly for business and makes it a point to meet up with me every time she is here. She is a member of Naturally Plus, a Japanese company which provides health care products, the company which I am currently purchasing Super Lutein from. To date, I have experienced some interesting effects of the health supplement and although none were conclusive, I am hopeful and I strongly believe that this is definitely a product that will help me regain my health. I will do a more detailed writeup on this interesting product the next time round.

Time flies when you are just idling around and chatting up with friends. We parted ways at 6 and I quickly made my way to meet my family for dinner at Dian Xiao Er@Tampines One. Thanks to Groupon, my family and I were able to enjoy Herbal Roasted Duck at a discounted price. Hurray to group purchases! Sign on now to Groupon, if you have not done so, and be informed of great deals!

P.S. Super Lutein is also sold to consumers at a lower price than what it is worth as there are many supporters of this wonderful product. ;).

Dinner was yummy and having my family around me was heartwarming. Brother and I accompanied Mum to get her foundation from Body Shop and some tidbits for Iko, our cute little dog. She is almost 11 years old but she is always mistaken for a pup. Ha! Before we knew it, it was close to Nicole’s bedtime and we had to say our goodbyes. Good times are hard to come by…

To make myself feel better, and I hope it will make you feel good too, I shall end this post with this interesting post by a friend:

Enjoy Life at Its Different Stages... You cannot always get what you want. 😉

Til the next post! 🙂


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