My Favourite Sport

Being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism some years back and suffering a relapse a year ago, I became more health conscious and have taken micro steps to ensure that I do not aggravate the situation. Coupled with the fact that my metabolism has slowed down due to the catching up of age, I have decided to exercise regularly. I was determined to take time out from my current crazy schedule and spend a bit of time to improve my general well-being.

There are many sports which I enjoy: swimming, doing Pilates and Yoga, playing a game of Captain’s Ball or Volleyball, just to name a few. Often, these sports need you to wear a specific attire (i.e. swimming), use an equipment or location (i.e.badminton) , or even rally a few friends for the sport (soccer) to be possible.

Not running.

Running is an individual sport that is suitable for anyone who feels fit to do it. There is no limit to the attire that you have to wear, the place that you have to do it or the length of time you are at it. The best part is you can do it while listening to your favourite tunes. P.S. Do mind the other pedestrians though.

This is also why I indulge in this sport once every weekend, taking to the roads in the evening when the sun is setting and less sunny. It is also a good time for me to explore the neighbourhood which is very new to me. Though I did not mean to peep into other people’s house, I do take time to admire the different designs of each house along the route which I took. What intrigues me more about each household is the pet, usually a dog or a cat, keeps. Just yesterday, I came across a really sad-looking golden retriever which stuck its nose through the gates just as I passed the house. It did not bark at me, just looked on as I continued down the path, as though it has not been out for a walk for a long time.

Then, a random thought popped to mind. Perhaps I could offer a “Walk-Your-Dog” service to these households which own a pet but has no time to take them for a walk? Let me ponder over it. 😀

Starting Point

Til the next post! 🙂


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