A divine addition to the staff lounge

I was talking to one of my colleague outside the staff lounge on Monday when I saw something lime green out of the corner of my eye.


A uDivine!!! What? Why? How? Despite the many questions that popped to mind, I was pleasantly surprised. A massage chair was purchased some time back and now, a new one is added!

Intrigued by the newly acquired item that is in my favourite colour and pretty curious about the functions it have, I tested it out.

Turning on the machine was easy with a press of the “Switch On” button.  I was greeted with the OSIM logo and a message that goes:

Surprise surprise! The rollers began adjusting itself, detecting my shoulders’ position and aligning itself along my spine. Not only is this intelligent massage system accurate in locating the position of my shoulders, the strength at which it beats and kneads suits me quite well for a start. Interestingly, it provides a total of 11 professionally crafted massage programmes by Japanese Expert, Sato Tsuyoshi, boasting to deliver an unrivalled humanised massage experience of relaxation and well-being.

As I was not ready to sit in the lounge for a long time, I opted for the “Quick” massage. The whole body massage lasted 5 minutes and was enough to leave me feeling slightly refreshed and relaxed. Plus, there’s more!

What's that peeking out?

uDivine comes with uSqueeze as well!


This massage chair, coupled with the retractable leg massage unit, is really a good-to-have after a long day’s work! Besides rejuvenating the body, this machine helps to provide instant relief for tired soles and calves too. For smaller spaces like my staff lounge, the leg unit can be stored away safely and conveniently, with little hassle. Did I mention that the backrest is adjustable too?

Easy to use remote

Although I have not tried the rest of the functions such as listening to music while enjoying my massage, placing my arms into the pockets which is filled with strategically positioned airbags that massages the arms to the fingertips in a choreographed sequence of rhythmic inflation and deflation, one may find it worthwhile to invest in one. When you do not have time to visit the massage parlour or find spa packages too complicated, often attached with many terms and conditions and fine prints, having a massage on uDivine in the comfort of your home can be a convenient and relaxing affair. Not only can the massage experience be shared by every one in the household, one can also avoid situations of being persuaded incessantly by the persistent sales-driven massage therapists.

P.S.Trust me, I am a fan of massages and was often a victim.

*Mimicks massage therapists: You will feel more relaxed and achieved better results if you buy this massage oil!/ This massage oil has deep penetrating properties and helps you slim down too.

And though I may not have one at home, having one in the staff lounge serves its purpose just as well. Time to check when my free periods are and enjoy another relaxing session when no one is occupying it!

Til the next post! 🙂

2 Responses to “A divine addition to the staff lounge”
  1. hahaha….i had the exact same one at home…… :p

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