Cha Time

Just yesterday, Yan and I managed to find some time to chill so we popped by E!hub to give the newly opened ChaTime a try.


It was brightly lit. The glass panels allowed ample of sunlight to shine into the cozy bubble tea shop that stood right at the entrance to E!hub, making the traces of different hues of purple used in the shop outstanding.

I ordered my usual favourite at every bubble tea store, the Iced Milk Tea With Pearls while Yan ordered the Fresh Milk with Herbal Jelly which a fellow colleague recommended.

The first sip was pleasant.  The drink is a well blend of milk and tea and the pearls were chewy and sweetened nicely.  Just when I thought I found a gem in the East, I was a little let down when I felt the powdery after taste I experienced drinking pearl milk tea from KOI when I had drank close to half a cup. I can’t quite fathom how it formed. :\

As for Yan’s drink, the herbal jelly was smooth and Q. The taste of the milk, however, was too strong for my liking. Perhaps it is an acquired taste that I am just not used to. Afterall, Yan finished the entire drink. 🙂

Til the next post! 🙂


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