Paradise in the East

Poh and I are new residents of the Simei estate and one of the new-found and now favourite place to have our dinner is the Paradise Inn on the 2nd storey of East Point Mall.

This restaurant serves mainly Chinese cuisine and the wide variety of dishes available caters to both the young and old. My niece is a fan of its Bean sprouts with Salted Fish while my mum loves its Dong Po Rou. The dishes are usually served quickly and piping hot, much to my delight. The staff is attentive and welcoming, tending to the hungry diners and winding queue with smiles and much patience. Every dining experience I had at this restaurant was pleasant and fulfilling.

Yummy stewed peanuts

Self-Shot while waiting for Poh to park and food to be served

Super nutritious Black Chicken Soup with Pork Ribs that's thick and delicious

Attentive Staff which helped us distribute the soup and the yums in it

Pork-Belly Buns

Took a bite coz I was too hungry! Ha! 😀

Stir Fried Spicy Asparagus with Scallops. Poh likes this.

Lychee's Drink. Another of Poh's Favourite.

My favourite Mango Pudding! 😀 Just look at how much real mango it has! Super good. Must try.

There is even this membership programme that they offer to all their patrons and there’s cash accumulated within the card every time you dine with them. Benefits that come with good food, how good is that? 😉

Til the next post! 🙂


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