Last Day of School

Finally, the day has arrived! 28th Oct was the last day of school for most secondary school students. Although it was not the last day for teachers, most would definitely treat the day as a breather from their usual schedule. So did we! 😀 After invigilation, Yan and I decided to join MH1, my taxi kaki for dinner at Paragon.

There was a long queue at the M1 shop near the entrance of Paragon and I was really glad as that would mean that there would be less dinner crowd.

Indeed, there was no one queueing up at Shimbashi Soba, much to our delight. Even better, MH1 had already found herself a seat in the restaurant.

Me, MH1, Yan

Shimbashi Soba is a Japanese restaurant located at the basement of Paragon and as its name suggests, it is well-known for soba. Patrons or even shoppers passing by the big clear glass that separates the work area from the  main walkway would usually stop and admire the chef at work when he is at it.

We ordered two sets to share, one with hot soba and the other with cold. While waiting for the soba sets to be served, we noticed the instructions on the paper table mat on how to eat the soba correctly.

Cold Soba with Salmon Sashimi, Vegatable Tempura, Teriyaki Beef and an assortment of Sushi

Soba in warm broth with Salmon sashimi, tempura and Chicken

Instructions for a wholesome experience eating the soba.

Here’s our own rendition:

1. Take time to enjoy the soba’s colour, shape and presentation. See how each stand of handmade noodle is unique, because of the craft put into creating it.

2. Next, enjoy its fragrance, fresh as a field of wholesome buckwheat.

We had to skip Steps 3 – 5 since the broth has already been included in the bowls of soba we ordered.

The soba tastes mild but leaves one wanting for more. The broth complements the soba well and all of us left none of either in the bowls. Haha! The sashimi is fresh and the tempura is served hot and crispy. Even the teriyaki beef and chicken was well done. Kudos to the chef! 😉

Lastly, after the meal, add some soba-yu (soba water) to the leftover broth and savour the rich aroma of the nutritious soup and drink up.

I did not read the instructions clearly and misinterpreted it as just having a cup of warm tea. Haha!

Turned out that this is what how the soba-yu looks like:

To top up our pleasant experience in this modest restaurant, Joyce had a $20 voucher to waive off a percentage of our bill and we were even more pleased to realised that there were also 2 side dishes that have not been redeemed. Thanks to the restaurant’s loyalty programme, a patron gets a stamp for every meal purchased and the more you dine at the restaurant, the more benefits you will reap. 😀

The side dishes:

Smooth Agedashi Tofu wrapped in deep-fried chewy skin

MH1 made it look like a piece of art.

Deep Fried Soba. Taste better in broth.

What’s a complete meal without desserts? 😉

After our meal, we headed over to Big O Cafe and Restaurant that is just opposite Shimbashi Soba. MH1 suggested getting the Spiked D (a unique combination of durian mouse-sponge covered by chocolate ganache. super yummy.) and this chocolate cake (I can’t remember its name. Opps.)

Spiked D

MH1 attacking the desserts

Goofing around

It was a lovely evening spent with 2 of my favourite girls from school.

I shall end the post with MH1’s permed eyelashes which looked really natural and pretty.

Kudos to the experts at Browhaus

Til the next post! 🙂


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