You are the Apple of My Eye

Yay!!! Poh and I finally bought tickets to the much-anticipated movie, ” You are the Apple of My Eye” also known as <<那些年,我們一起追的女孩>>. After hearing from my colleagues what a great show it was, I couldn’t wait to watch it. Did you know it was also nominated for Best Newcomer Award which the handsome Chen … Continue reading

Starting the Day with A GOoooOOD Breakfast

What better way is there to start a day with a yummilicious breakfast? To start the day with a yummilicious breakfast with a yummilicious babe! Bestie Fish is in Town! After being away for close to nine months in Shang Hai, Fish is back for a short trip and I’m glad I caught up with … Continue reading

Rubbing Shoulders with The Stars

It was an exciting evening! I was a lucky winner of the Facebook contest hosted by Gong Cha and got myself a pair of tickets to the gala première of a local production “Already Famous” also know as “一泡而红”. In this movie, Michelle Chong starred as an aspiring actress Lee Kar Kiao and Alien Huang is a (super … Continue reading

A Tribute to A Departed Friend

Death. A morbid topic. A taboo. Yet it can happen. Any where, any time, any place. A year ago, my friend passed away. She was attached with a loving boyfriend and all ready to settle down. She was successful in her career and making good progress. She was an intelligent student  and had a supportive … Continue reading

Ruishan’s & Zhong Hui’s Wedding

Ruishan was a really quiet and sweet girl when I first knew her in secondary one and I feel so happy for her now that she has matured into a fine lady and find the man of her dreams. She had chosen to hold her wedding dinner at Hotel Fort Canning, a really unique choice. … Continue reading

Graduation Night 2011

Have you attended a graduation night? I’ve never been an attendee myself but ever since I’m tasked with the huge responsibility of organizing one, I’m both exhilarated and nervous. What if I don’t do a good job? What if there are unforeseen circumstances? So many what ifs have popped into my head! Putting the what-ifs … Continue reading

Quick Thai Fix at the Expo

Poh often drives over to the Lerk Thai at the Expo for a quick fix to his craving for Thai Food and it’s no different on Wednesday’s evening except that there isn’t any exhibitions going on. That made the place almost surreal. There was only 1 or 2 cars parked at the car park  and the … Continue reading

a nice place to chill, all tucked away in the east

Poh and I were thinking of a place for dinner when Barks’ Cafe popped to mind. Tucked away in the suburbs, one may not find it easily if one ain’t a Easterner. It was really easy for us as we had stayed in the East for close to 10 years and the neon blue signboard carrying … Continue reading

Union of Jensen and Seok Chun

When I woke up yesterday by a phone call, I could not quite bring myself to pick it up. I tried ignoring it but the thought of being an important call urge me to get out of bed. Indeed it was. It was the big day for Poh’s brother and his future wife, aka my future sister-in-law. … Continue reading

Huff huff huff and puff!

The next 3 weeks of November is going to be really hectic for me! Besides the meetup I just had with ex-colleagues this evening, there will be 3 weddings, 2 school events and 1 major fencing competition coming up. Wow oh wow! Just when I thought things were winding down a little, life has an interesting way of … Continue reading