dr jekyll and mr hyde

My husband often makes this comment to me: “You are a fake beauty.” And the reason is simple: I look very different before and after I makeup.

I do agree with him. I started experimenting with make up when I was in secondary school and with an elder sister who is blessed with good looks and took on part-time modelling then, I picked up some basics from her and started creating the looks which enhances what I was born with.

Presenting to you:

The transformation from mr hyde to dr jekyll.

1. Me with not a tinge of make up, just toner, moisturizer and sunblock.

just came out of bath

2. Concealer was used to cover dark eye circles and blemishes.

Dark eye rings reduced

3. I used a BB cream and drew eyeliner to define the eyes. Hair held back with a hairband as they were just getting into my face. Boo.

Eyes widened and looking slightly refreshed

4. Eyebrows darkened with a eyebrow pencil in black. Blusher is used too.

Bold brows and blushed cheeks

5. Wearing my current-favourite contact lens which enlarge the pupil.

See the difference between the 2?

6. Lastly, the clipping up of my long fringe. One thing that annoys me is hair getting into my face and to prevent that from happening, I’ll always clip it up like this:

All ready to go!

Though these are not the steps I took on a daily basis, only on occasions which I feel like dolling up, my husband can’t help but lament that only girls get the privilege of beautifying their looks with the help of make up. Haha.

Do you agree?

Til the next post! 🙂


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