restoration of crown of glory

I am not referring to GRAY hair but BLACK hair in this case.

I first discovered I was dropping massive amounts of hair in the year 2007. Whenever I wash my hair, locks of hair will glide through my fingers. The amount of hair which I clear from my bedroom floor after each comb scares me. Although it is normal for every human being to experience hair fall, I realised mine was not. It was driving me nuts.

I seeked help from the doctor and I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Hair loss was a symptom of the disease. Although I was taking my medication regularly, the condition did not improve. The doctor then perceived my condition to be hereditary. I was devastated and close to despair. I hated my limp hair that was getting lesser and lesser by the day. My ponytail was pathetic. Poh’s mum would question him why I dropped hair wherever I go. It got so bad that a balding patch was forming. I panicked. I tried all ways to deal with the issue: cutting it short, eating herbs recommended by the physicians at the TCM shops, eating my medication regularly and even used Minoxidil which the doctor prescribed. There was no vast improvement.

As I was about to resign to fate, I decided to give Bossin a try. It is quite similar to Yun Nam Hair Care but it was more affordable for me. As I was not disciplined to go for treatment regularly, I did not notice any drastic improvement. When I started school, I got busy. Even though the problem worsened, I soon put the problem at the back of my head and focused on work.

I got married this year and started doing housework on my own. I began to notice the many strands of long hair on the floor as I sweep and mop. The severity of the problem was once again highlighted. The problem needed immediate attention and I decided to go back to Bossin.

It helps that Bossin was located at East point, a stone’s throw away from my current place and I would have no excuse to put off a session due to inconvenience.

The staffs at this outlet are both friendly and attentive. They welcome me warmly every time I visit them and I love how the place smells of herbs. Hee.

During each session, I would first be ushered to have my hair washed using their in-house shampoo and conditioner. The therapist washes the hair thoroughly and throws in a massage which is very soothing and comfortable.

After the therapist washed my hair, she would dry it slightly and I would sit under this machine for about 15 minutes. It is not uncomfortable though there will be burning sensation. This procedure is said to circulate the blood in the scalp.

Once this was done, the therapist would give me a head-shoulder-back massage which is super relaxing. I often fell asleep during this process. Ha!

The scalp is then treated to a light tapping by this unobtrusive yet formidable tool:

Look how sharp the little pins are!

Though these tiny pins are not intended to kill or prick, I am quite intimidated by them. On certain occasions, it did hurt a little but there were no major injuries. Phew!

There are also a couple of more interesting equipment they use but I have no pictures of them. I will display them in a separate post if I manage to photograph them. Heh.

Besides providing treatments to the patrons, the therapists makes us feel at home with a wide variety of up-to-date magazines and self-made herbal tea.

Red Date Tea

I really enjoy each of my bi-weekly treatments and there was never a time that I dread going for them. The therapists are not pushy about their products and treatments and they do regular checks on your scalp to make sure that the treatments they provided are working.

My magnified scalp. See how scarce my hair is. A normal hair follicle should have 3-5 hair strands growing out of it. Mine had only 1-2. 😦

For home use, in case I miss any sessions due to my hectic schedule

Til date, I have noticed baby hair growing and increasing in numbers! Things are finally improving! I am really hopeful. I will make sure I am religious about my treatments and go through the entire package. Look out for my next check on my scalp!

Til the next post! 🙂


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