A second fiddle but hidden with gems

If you were to stand on the Tampines MRT Platform, Tampines One would loomed on the right and Tampines Mall on the left. One may not notice the pink and gray building that is standing behind Tampines Mall but that is actually my favourite mall in Tampines. Not only is there a cinema with comfortable seats and ample leg space, it has also some of best yums you can find in Tampines Central.

Poh and I had decided to catch a movie yesterday so we made our way to Century Square. Our dinner was at Absolute Thai which serves yummy authentic Thai food. I managed to get a seat quite quickly as there was no dinner crowd then.

Interior of the restaurant

We ordered the Red Tom Yum Soup to make every our meal at a Thai restaurant complete. Spicy, sour, sweet and salty, all mixed into one soup. Slurp! One could also opt for the clear one which the service crew claimed to be much spicier.

Red Tom Yum Soup. It isn't exactly red in colour though the layer of chili oil on the soup is.

We also ordered the green curry which has a strong taste of basil leaves and an interesting dish which resembles our steamed chee cheong fun with fillings. This dish comes with a green chili dip that complements well with the minced meat fillings.

Poh bought a dough bread from Provence and could not resist dipping it into the curry and the soup! haha.

We also ordered Thai Iced Tea, an exclusive drink in Thai restaurants. Love the layers formed in the drink.

A really tasty concoction, just right for a tea fanatic like me. 🙂

Other than this Thai restaurant that we both like to frequent, there is also another Japanese restaurant at the basement that serves up huge bowls of noodles in thick broth, warming one up during cold and rainy weather. Shin-Sapporo Ramen is a modest place for a quiet lunch and for those with a craving for soupy stuff.

The different condiments for the noodles. Love the crispy deep-fried garlic slices.

As Poh and I both like our dishes a little spicy, we had opted for Hakata Kara Tonkotsu Ramen, a mildly spicy version of the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen during one of our lunches after a swim. It is actually the Hakata noodles served in a creamy rich broth. Do you know that you can ask for more noodles for FREE? Additional soup is chargeable at 30 cents though. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Hakata Noodles (very much like wanton noodles)

We also ordered a side called the Menchi, a tasty stir fried meat with herbs which one can also opt to add to their soup for a thicker broth. I love the sauce that they drizzled over the shredded vegetable to mask the rawness of its taste.


To add flavour to your noodles, one could also select from the variety of add-ons available.

For desserts, we got ourselves a Goma pudding and a scoop of white peach ice cream to share.

Comes in Matcha flavour too.

I was very amused by the Goma pudding as I found out that it jiggles every time I scoop a piece from it. Check it out in the video below:

White Peach Ice Cream

It’s quite pricey to pay $3.80 for a puny scoop but the taste is really refreshing. Poh liked it alot as he finds that it is not so milky and a lot more fruity than usual fruit sorbet.

Do try these restaurant and hope these recommendations help you decide where you can satiate your hunger should there be dinner crowds plaguing both Tampines One and Tampines Mall. 😉

Til the next post. 🙂


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