The More We Get Together, the Merrier We’ll Be

Yesterday, my colleagues and I had a gathering at Suzy’s new home and it was simply a lovely afternoon spent having tea and muffins and chilling out at her cozy and spacious home.

Upon reaching her doorsteps, one could immediately identify a feline lover.

Check out the peephole for the house cat!

Yan tried the door bell and it gave out such a sharp clang no one could miss. Suzy quickly came to the door, much to our delight.

Door Bell

The airy and spacious room came in sight immediately. It is such a superb place and i must say, Suzy and her hubby have great discipline keeping their place spick and span!

Toby's corner

Living Room which was once a bedroom

Dining Area where we had our tea!

Look how spacious the living room + dining area is

Soon after we entered, we caught sight of the breathtaking view from the dining area and were in awe of it.

Saw the sea? (*caught the pun? heehee.)

Further right

As the sun sets...

It is not easy to have such a beautiful view in a cosmopolitan city, even more so in Singapore where everyone is fighting for space.  Trees are always cut down to make space for more housing projects and the population is just increasing so rapidly. Felt as though I have been swept away from the buzz of the city. So nicccceeessssshhhh!

Suzy, being the very nice host she is always, showed us around the place. Did I forgot to mention she collects soft toy bears?

Guestroom. Look at the number of bears seated on the shelves!

Open concept Kitchen + Toby's Area

Bath area. Took this cuz I like the colour of the loofah + the texture on the wall. Nice!

It is a beautiful home, isn’t it?  A plus point: I love how the breeze flows through the entire house and kept it cool the entire time we were there.

After the mini tour, we gathered around the dining table for our mini tea session. We caught up with one another, gossiped and reminisced. Time flies when one is surrounded by good company.

Yummy Muffins made by Suzy Mama

Cheesecake with Jelly Top from The Jelly Hearts

Close Up

This is a really yummy cheesecake from The Jelly Hearts which Uncle B had discovered and bought for a few our colleagues during their birthday. Located on the 1st floor of E!Hub, one can easily spot it from afar as it stands out among the rest of the eatery.

The Jelly Hearts @ E!Hub

Bathed in a theme of white, I adore how frames on the wallpaper look so real.

Cakes Galore

Besides yummy cakes, there is a variety of drinks for you to choose from too.

This is the promotional drink, Strawberry and Banana Smoothie with Jelly which I tried some time back. It tasted FULL of banana and strawberry.

Sorry for the digression. Just had to recommend this yummy cheesecake and where you can get it. Haha.

Back to the mini tea session. The house cat, Toby hadn’t been the friendliest of cats and hid himself, first under the recliner and then in the study room. I managed to caught sight of it when it made a grand appearance and asked for food. So cute.

Nom nom nom

nom nom nom some more

Soon after his snack, he returned to his comfort zone.

Hasta la vista, baby.

It was indeed great to catch up, especially now that things have slowed down by a teeny-weeny bit in school. Oh well…

I do look forward to my holidays which are nearing!!

How about you? (*excited excited excited*)

Til the next post! 😉


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