Union of Jensen and Seok Chun

When I woke up yesterday by a phone call, I could not quite bring myself to pick it up. I tried ignoring it but the thought of being an important call urge me to get out of bed.

Indeed it was. It was the big day for Poh’s brother and his future wife, aka my future sister-in-law. Poh’s dad had called to remind us to pick them up on time so that we could be punctual for the solemnisation held at the Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel. This timely reminder woke me up instantly and I quickly got into the mood of getting ready for the event.

The sun was up, the sky was blue, the weather was just perfect for friends and family to gather together and witness the union of this really sweet couple.

We arrived 15 minutes earlier and that gave us ample of time to assemble at the venue for the solemnization.

Soon after the arrival of parents of both the bride and groom, the solemnisation ceremony commenced.

Poh's Mum, Justice of Peace, Poh's Bro, Sis-In-Law

I could not catch the name of the Justice of Peace but he was really humorous and that really lightened the atmosphere and made everyone felt at ease. It became a heartwarming event, rather than one, which a lady seated behind me claimed she had, that was solemn and tensed.

Exchange of rings

This part of the wedding solemnisation was exceptionally funny as both party had a hard time trying to fit the ring into each other’s fingers. The Justice of Peace even joked that the weather was hot and that their fingers had expanded. Haha!

Posing for a photo together with parents of both bride and groom and JP

The tea ceremony followed. Poh and I were gushing about how wonderful it was to not only have one of the hotel staff handle the tea cups and refilling it with tea for the groom and bride  to serve the elders but also an effective one like the service staff we saw. She was quick and that allowed the tea ceremony to take place without much fuss, much to the relatives’ delight.

The VIP seats for the elders

As there was some time to lunch, Poh and I explored the hotel. The lobby was brightly lit and we spent some time chilling out there before we made our way up to level 2 where lunch will be held at the hotel’s grand ballroom.

Soon, many gathered outside the ballroom. Besides basking in the ambiance, we also caught up and met some of Poh’s relatives who came for our wedding earlier this year during March.

Guests were ushered into the ballroom shortly and as usual, I have always anticipate the gorgeous chandeliers that hung from the high ceilings when the doors to the ballroom flung open. This one did not disappoint me.

Let the wedding lunch begin!

The March In

Cutting of the Wedding Cake

Evening Gown

Filling the Champagne Tower -> YUM SENG!

Fish done in Poh's favourite Teochew Style

Snapshot of Us

To Poh’s bro and my future sis-in-law: Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way. May you both find the life ahead more fulfilling and meaningful with each other’s company and laughter. All the best!

Til the next post. 🙂


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