Quick Thai Fix at the Expo

Poh often drives over to the Lerk Thai at the Expo for a quick fix to his craving for Thai Food and it’s no different on Wednesday’s evening except that there isn’t any exhibitions going on. That made the place almost surreal. There was only 1 or 2 cars parked at the car park  and the restaurant is empty. Perhaps it just wasn’t dinner time for the majority of the people or the road closure of Expo Drive from Oct 2011 to Early 2017 just left patrons discouraged from driving in for meals. Nonetheless, having no dinner crowd is good. That means the food comes fast and we fill our stomachs quick. *claps* I had also secretly imagined Poh booking the entire restaurant down for me so that we can dine in private like they do in those dramas… *daydreams*

We ordered our favourite Thai Iced Tea, Tom Yam Clear Soup, Fried Chicken Wings and my favourite vegetable, stir-fried baby kailan.

Complimentary Keropok with sweet chili sauce

To our surprise, not only did the food comes quickly, we got ourselves 2 complimentary desserts. According the staff, they were having promotions now so every $30 spent, you get to choose one out of 4 different choices of dessert.

Unfortunately, we were a little too hungry and gobbled down the food too quickly so there wasn’t any  space for dessert. We had to forgo them! Just when I was a little disappointed, we were informed that OCBC credit cardholders will have a 10% discount off their meals. Hurray to eating at Lerk Thai and being an OCBC member. Head down to the nearest Lerk Thai and enjoy a discount off your meal too. If you are not an OCBC cardholder, get one! Or, a free dessert does make a meal complete too, isn’t it? 😉

Til the next post. 🙂


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