Graduation Night 2011

Have you attended a graduation night? I’ve never been an attendee myself but ever since I’m tasked with the huge responsibility of organizing one, I’m both exhilarated and nervous. What if I don’t do a good job? What if there are unforeseen circumstances? So many what ifs have popped into my head! Putting the what-ifs aside, I’ve got to say that I’m very blessed to have wonderful colleagues and a supportive team which has stuck by me through the entire planning process from the picking of colours for the theme to the collation of the speeches from each of the class representatives. Sticking to what my HOD-in-charge said,” Losing sleep over matters you can’t do anything about is not worth it,” I decided to give it my best shot and did what I could with all the teachers that were involved.

As per past year tradition, a video would be made by the teachers specially for the graduates and here’s a peep at what this year’s video has:

Mr B standing in for Mr R

Big Foot?

Putting on the headgear

Putting on the tail


Playing with his tail

Miss F as Student. She looks the role isn't it?

Miss F, Miss C, Miss J hard at work to make the video

Alas, the day has arrived. We reached school early just to ensure that all the decorations and table set-ups remained the way they were when we left them the day before. Phew… Everything was intact. The teachers then went on to start preparing for the items they would need to complete the set-up before the students start streaming in.

The Performance by a group of talented students in the Canteen

Pink and Purple Ribbons For the Chairs

Sweets to fill the hungry tummy before dinner commence

Decorations for the Aisle

Matching Pink and Purple + Silver Balloons

Beautiful Setup isn't it? 😉

Dedication Corner For Friends and Teachers

Photo Corner at the Reception Area

Balloons for the Stairs too

And in come the students!

With Amanda, my Vice Chairman for 2010

With Sasha, my Chairman for 2010 & Jia Ling. Both of them were my students for 4 years!!! O.o

Not forgetting the very important pple who made this event possible:

With Mdm Chua, the I/C for the Decoration Committee. Can you believe she's already a mother of 2? Well maintained figure! Haha.

With Mentor JH

The Emcees for The Night

Another Shot with the Emcees & my HOD I/C (next to me)

With Yan, the important gal who led a team to oversee the lighting and sound

Miss F, who had helped me collated the speeches and videos

The event started with the students singing the school song with pride.

After they sang the school song, the students were seated and our Principal gave her address. Next, each class representative gave appreciation speeches and the makan took place straight after the introduction of the criteria for Mr & Miss PRCS. These contestants were well dressed, carried themselves well and looked every bit of what they wore. I was kept on my feet the entire evening and had forgotten all about taking photos of the events amidst the running about. As the night drew nearer and the event come close to an end, I was able to recompose myself for some photos with some of students whom I have yet to had a chance to talk to the entire evening.

You Yan who has a flair for art

Sensible Cherng Hann who has been s a great help in solving Maths Problems

Valerie, my capable Chairman in 2011

A conscientious and consistent worker, Sherlyn

Aaron L, my sweet Vice Chairman 2011. He was also the chap that texted me to show his appreciation after his last maths paper.

Qian Ci, my creative director & Bernice L, the top student in class

Fiona, a hardworking gal and an overcomer

Glen. (In my opinion, I think he's the best dressed for the night. 😉

Huzaifah, the firecracker of the class who has matured so much over the years

Enze, the whiz kid in Maths. + Renjie who does a peek-a-boo

Tze Xin, Vice President of Student Councilor + Hidayat, Preseident of Student Councilor, also the mastermind behind the wonderful class video that many teachers praised

Sherlyn, Tracy (Dance Club Vice Chairman, Qian Ci, Sasha, Bernice L, Tze Min (she looks good in blue isn't it? ;))

Looking at these pictures make me felt so blessed with all these students who have grown into fine adults. Really look forward to seeing each and every one of you succeed in life in future. 🙂

A huge thanks to everyone who have made this event possible, the teachers, the students who came to help out, the graduates, the administrative staff who supported the event with whatever they could…. so blessed. 😀

I’ll end off this post with the 2 winners of the contest!

Til the next post! 🙂

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