Ruishan’s & Zhong Hui’s Wedding

Ruishan was a really quiet and sweet girl when I first knew her in secondary one and I feel so happy for her now that she has matured into a fine lady and find the man of her dreams.

She had chosen to hold her wedding dinner at Hotel Fort Canning, a really unique choice. It is located as the name suggested, on the top of Fort Canning and beautifully tucked away and surrounded by lush green.

Poh had kindly agreed to send me to the place after dropping his parents at The Amara for another wedding which he will be attending but the traffic condition on the roads made it extremely difficult for us to reach the destinations. After picking MIL and FIL up, we hit the PIE to realise that there was a vehicle breakdown and a massive jam had formed up til the Bedok Exit. Poh quickly changed route and took the ECP instead, only to realise that many drivers had also headed for ECP, jamming the Rochor Exit. We decided to take an alternative route suggested by google but as usual, google does not quite work for us. It was not sensitive enough to detect our location and for following its instructions, we ended up at Marina Barrage. Boo. It was a series of unfortunate events.

Undeterred and thanks to Poh’s persistence, we finally got ourselves out of the fix we were in, dropped MIL and FIL in time for the wedding and I was able to reach HFC just in time before the march in by the couple.

Charmed by the beautiful washroom. Haha!

Lobby Bar

Flower Girls and Boys. The flash from my iphone made them look like zombies... Oops.

Here comes the bride and groom!

Digging In! The roasted suckling pig's skin is yummilicious!

Wedding Favour

This picture reflects the colour of the item better.

I was so glad to be seated next to Fish because there was no one else I knew at the table. Haha…

Although it was a short one-hour affair, I was quite glad I turned up and caught up a little with Fish. So looking forward to the lunch date with Fish this coming Wednesday!

Til the next post! 🙂


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