Rubbing Shoulders with The Stars

It was an exciting evening! I was a lucky winner of the Facebook contest hosted by Gong Cha and got myself a pair of tickets to the gala première of a local production “Already Famous” also know as “一泡而红”.

In this movie, Michelle Chong starred as an aspiring actress Lee Kar Kiao and Alien Huang is a (super cute) kopi boy, Christopher also known as Ah Seng, who came to Singapore in pursuit of the girl of his dreams. They crossed path as Kar Kiao buys coffee from him every morning and their story began from there…

It’s a really heartwarming story and I really enjoyed myself with Poh, though we waited for close to 930 pm before the movie commenced and the movie ended close to 12!! Poh was really tired by the end of it, considering he had a long day at work and a packed schedule the following day. Big hug and many kisses to Poh for agreeing to catch the movie with me!

I am also really glad to attend this event as we caught glimpses of the stars!!! In fact, we literally rubbed shoulders with them unknowingly. As we were making our way to take the lift from the 4th floor as the 5th floor of Cathay were entirely occupied by fans, the stars emerged from the lift on the fourth floor! Michelle looked super gorgeous in a black number while Alien Huang looked extremely suave in a black suit which matches and complement Michelle really well. I must say, Michelle definitely look much prettier than she does on-screen and guess what? She is actually the director to this movie! So embarrassed at myself for only knowing it only on the spot. But hey! I always think it’s better late than never! Haha!

Back view of Michelle Chong & Alien Huang after we rubbed shoulders with them

I reached Cathay at around 6 pm to check out the collection area and realized there was going another autograph session by the 2 stars at Plaza Singapura! Wow… How busy the day must be for the 2 of them! Poh came shortly after his work ended and we grabbed dinner at Indo Padang which served authentic Indonesian cuisine. The ayam goreng, being a favourite of Poh, was ordered.

We also tried its signature dish, deep-fried tilapia which is fried so crispy I’m sure the bones were also edible. (I think I might have chewed one or two unknowingly too. Hee hee.)

Other dishes we ordered included this sweet and spicy prawns that came with fried quail eggs and a really spicy stir-fried kang kong. I wonder what had they added as there weren’t any chili padi in sight.

Plus an interesting feature of this restaurant is how it serves rice to its customers.

In a big rice basket.

Drinks for the evening: Mango Juice and Rambutan Juice

Poh posed with the keropok

Imitating Poh

Indo Padang, 2 Handy Road The Picturehouse, Singapore 229233 Tel: 6732 1679

They are also having a promotion now. Movie goers at the Cathay, you are in luck! If you produce any 2 movie ticket stubs, you will get to enjoy the Deep Fried Tilapia FREE! It’s really good. So try it, especially when you are there for a meal prior a movie! 😉

After finishing our dinner, we made our way back to the theatres which began admitting the crowd.

Joining the queue and collecting our tickets

Check out the crowd.

Catching sight of Patricia Mok who was mobbed by a group of girls

People streamed in to the theatres

We are going to the movies! 😀

The Best Pic of Them I could took with my iphone 4

Here's a better picture which I took from here

Please support local production and catch this movie that’s in the cinemas now! Thank you Gong Cha for the tickets. Last but not least, may the movie be a big hit, not just locally but abroad too and may Gong Cha business prosper so that there will be more promotions and freebies! 😀

All the Best! 😀

Til the next post! 🙂


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