Starting the Day with A GOoooOOD Breakfast

What better way is there to start a day with a yummilicious breakfast?

To start the day with a yummilicious breakfast with a yummilicious babe!

Bestie Fish is in Town! After being away for close to nine months in Shang Hai, Fish is back for a short trip and I’m glad I caught up with her and fill her in on all that she’s missing and of course, hear her out and caught up with all that I have missed!

We met at Wild Honey, a much acclaimed restaurant for serving superb breakfasts from all over the world and this place definitely meet all the expectations we had for it.

I received a warm welcome from the host at the door and was given a cozy sofa seat to share with Fish. Plain water,the perfect drink to quench one’s thirst on a hot day, was served promptly after I was seated.

The nice host is the lady standing at the door.

accompaniment on every table

Fish came shortly after and we proceeded to order our brekkies!

Spoilt for Choice

SnapShot 1 with Bestie Fish

Snapshot 2 with Bestie Fish

I was saving my stomach all for my virgin trip to Wild Honey and I was over the moon at the sight of the humongous portion served. If you haven’t got a good appetite, I’m sure the mere glimpse of the picture coming up will definitely set you thinking on a date to bring your family down for a try. If you aren’t a big eater, this breakfast is good to share for 2. And an interesting fact: the baked beans served are almost a 20 cents coin big! So unusual but nonetheless, yummy! 🙂

English Breakfast

Vietnamese Pork Sandwich. Crispy bread, yummy ham + real fresh vegetables

Our drinks:

Nature's Remedy consisting of Vanilla, Honey & Cinnamon, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and perhaps a sore throat? 😉

Queen's Bee

I must say, the service here is really quite good, considering our food came quickly and the host was really attentive to all the available seats in the restaurant. The order for drinks slipped their minds though and came almost close to half an hour late. Other wise, the food is good, the ambience is great for meetup, breakfast with family or even just for friends to chill on a lazy afternoon. Be sure to check this place out!

It’s so great to catch up with Bestie Fish and time really flies when one is hanging out with great company. See you babe during the CNY!!!

Til the next post! 🙂


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