You are the Apple of My Eye

Yay!!! Poh and I finally bought tickets to the much-anticipated movie, ” You are the Apple of My Eye” also known as <<那些年,我們一起追的女孩>>.

After hearing from my colleagues what a great show it was, I couldn’t wait to watch it. Did you know it was also nominated for Best Newcomer Award which the handsome Chen Ting Ko won, Best Actress, Best New Director and  Best Original Film Song for the 48th Annual Golden Horse Awards? It also won the Audience Award for the 13th Taipei Film Festival. For a show to be nominated for so many awards, it must be real good and true enough, this show did not disappoint.

Before the show, we stopped over at Paragon for dinner at Kaffir and Lime, a sister restaurant of the ThaiExpress Group and more refined/atas version of Thai Express. Besides the usual Thai fare, I realised that this place serves really yummy fried fish!

Kaffir & Lime, #B1-45/46 Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd. Singapore

Kaffir & Lime Gorgeous Purple Front of the Menu

Thai Green Curry served with Achar(pickled vegetables) and White Steamed Rice

Super yummy seafood Otah that has fish, sotong and prawns. Best eaten with the parsley served . Love the spicy level too, just right.

Deep Fried Seabass. Super crispy and the sauce complements the fish really well.

The same fried seabass minutes later...

Award Winning Dessert


Our drinks: 2 iced water, 2 thai iced tea, 1 longan lime welcome drink cuz' I renewed my membership! 😉

Perks of being a member! Yippee! I've gotten mine, have you?

A touch of serenity

The crazy crowd by the time we are done with our meal

The experience dining at Kaffir & Lime was lovely as the staff were friendly and pretty attentive even though the dinner crowd was building up. I did wait quite a while for my white steamed rice to be served but guess that can’t be helped especially when one is dining out on a weekend evening. The award winning dessert was a tad too sweet for Poh but for someone with a sweet tooth (ME!), it was just the perfect after-meal dish to satisfy my sugar-craving. Poh and I have always been great fans of spicy food and this place served really yummy food which suits our palate. Try it! 😉

We then hopped over to People Of Asia at Mandarin Gallery which was having 30% off. There is also an outlet at Paragon but the sizes ran out much faster than Mandarin Gallery so we decided to try our luck at the other branch. Unfortunately, we came to know about the promotion too late. It had been on for close to a week already!!! So many dresses were either out of sizes of colour. Boo… Nonetheless, I did tried on some and camwhored. 😉

A dressy lilac number


Green, my favourite colour

This shop does carry some gorgeous pieces so if you need to get one for your friend’s wedding lunch, for your first date or even just a getaway (who says a lady can’t look her best when travelling? ;)), so do pop by the store for great buys. The prices are slightly steep though. Heehee…

Time to hit the theatres! Upon reaching, we came to know that the movie was a sold-out! The cinema was packed and all the seats were filled. This goes to show how much crowd a good movie can attract.

Before watching the show, I have heard the radio running the film’s theme song and for those who have not heard it, here you go:

The lyrics in the song is pretty much aligned to that of the show. And if you had watched it, perhaps the song will strike a deeper chord in your heart. For me, it did.

A fun fact: 謝明和 also known as 阿和in the movie is 郝劭文, the little baldie in Shaolin Popeye <<新乌龙院>>! He was such a cute little fellow who speaks with a really wierd accent! Hilarious! How time flies! Watch him in this:

Different right?! Haha.. Ok. Back to the movie.

The director had used his personal story as the storyline and name of the male lead in the story is actually the director’s real name. A simple story about his first love, a love that is filled with so much innocence, a love that makes a young mind unsettled, a love that cause one to fall completely head over heels with another and do anything and everything to be with her/him. Have you had that first love? How was yours like? Was it full of sweet memories or did it have a bitter ending? How did it eventually go?

P.S. If you ended up with him/her, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D:D:D

I guess the reason so many people flocked to the theatres to catch this film was that they saw themselves in many of the characters in the show. Not only had they given their heart to the girl they fall in love with at an innocent age, they had probably given all they could, using limited means, making the experience memorable,perhaps unforgettable. A girlfriend of mine commented that she received a phone call from a guy friend she have not contacted for a long time after he had watched the show. Will the show cause you to launch into a I-want-to-know-how-my-first-love-is-doing mode?

For me, it didn’t. I felt the same way the female lead did.

I have found my happiness. I know you will give me your blessings and wish me all the best. I will, use this blog post, to wish you all the best in your future endeavours and give you my sincere blessings too. Perhaps in a parallel universe, we are together. Thank you for loving me. 

The beauty of some things lie in the fact that there was no ending, no conclusion. And perhaps because of that, many people are able to reminisce about all the good time they have spent with their loved ones and the many ifs that could have happened. May you have the same fuzzy feeling I had after I finished watching the show and may you find happiness in all that you are indulging now. Cherish your love ones now! 😉

Til the next post! 🙂


2 Responses to “You are the Apple of My Eye”
  1. fragriver says:

    A girlfriend of mine commented that she received a phone call from a guy friend she have not contacted for a long time after he had watched the show. Will the show cause you to launch into a I-want-to-know-how-my-first-love-is-doing mode?

    => I may have to take a try=))

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