Post Christmas Workout (+Feasting again!)

What is the most logical thing a lady who has just gained quite a bit of weight from all the feasting she has indulged in during the holidays and festive season do? Exercise!! And I’m so glad to have the ladies accompany me in my fat trimming/weight reducing scheme. Hahaha.. The weather was on our … Continue reading

Travelling at South of the Sea Part 1

Have you seen the movie “If You Are The One 2” (非誠勿擾2) starring Ge You (葛優) and Taiwan’s Shu Qi (舒淇)? If you had, you would have probably made Hainan one of your next travel destination. An island which has a tropical moist monsoonal climate, one gets to experience different weather in a year, depending on … Continue reading


Just as Poh and I were wondering what we could do in the vicinity after dinner as we munched away at Nandos, an interesting search on our phones showed that there was K Suites in Iluma. This find got both of us intrigued as we have heard of K Box but we have yet heard of K … Continue reading

Exciting weekend coming up!!!

I was so looking forward to the weekend the whole week as it is packed with super exciting lineup! I’ll be attending a pre-xmas/get-together with ex-colleagues, followed by Crazy Christmas at the Esplanade before I fly off with Poh to Hainan, Haikou! Woots! Til the next post! 😀

One Day Getaway to Batam (3/3)

Arriving at the hotel was the best thing that happened to me since the morning  as I could finally take a warm bath! 😀 all ready for christmas! The hotel room was really clean and spacious, good enough for MH1 and me! The bathroom had a bathtub so for those who wants a bubble bath, remember to … Continue reading

One Day Getaway to Batam (2/3)

The travelling time from Singapore to Sekupang Ferry Terminal is just a 40 minutes journey and as we kept ourselves busy on board with all the photo-taking and the admiring of the beautiful sea and clear blue sky, time flies. Unknowingly, we have reached the ferry. Soon after it docked, we got off and proceeded … Continue reading

One Day Getaway To Batam (1/3)

Heading for a one day trip can really tiring, especially when I have to wake up at 0515h, right after a 3D2N sports camp where I had an average of 4 hours of sleep everyday! *screams out loud* That, of course, did not stop me from waking up ON TIME (so proud of myself! ^^) … Continue reading

Thank you 4/7!

If you had read my earlier post on my birthday, you would have known I spent my birthday sleeping in, eating food which I love and shopped for my birthday present. As pathetic as it may sound to some, I have also mentioned that having huge parties/surprises/gatherings is a thing of the past for me. Turns out that … Continue reading

Quick Update!

Fencing camp is over!!! No doubt I’m elated as I can finally sleep on a proper bed, I’m also feeling down as this is probably my last opportunity working with these athletics and such wonderful colleagues. Next up, I’m going to Batam for a one day trip with MH1 and Tan Yan before I head to Hainan … Continue reading

It’s My Birthday!!!

Although it was a few days past my birthday, I think this is something I feel is definitely worth sharing. What better ways to celebrate the day than to sleep in, eat something you like and spoil yourself silly?! That was exactly what I did. 1. Sleeping in Sleeping in is a thing of the past, … Continue reading