Food Galore in the East

If anyone said there’s nothing good to eat in the east, he/she’s just probably haven’t found the right place which he/she can eat to his fill and finds his/her palate satiated. Living close to 18 years in the east (I used to stay in Telok Blangah, loves and misses that place still. 😦 ), I’ve sieved out a number of yummy stuff that you might wanna try for lunch, some are neatly hidden in old housing estates.

1. Tampines Street 22, Blk 280 (Just opposite Griffiths Primary School)

Hidden away from the buzz in Tampines Central, this coffee shop is a gem for taxi drivers and those with your own transport. It’s perfect for those who wants to fill their tummy during lunch hours where most food courts would be packed. Parking is widely available and seldom would one spot a summon auntie lurking around.

Crispy Prata Served with Both Curry & Sugar

The prata is a must try! Not just freshly made and done crisp on the outside yet soft on the inside, this prata costs only $1.20. Cheap right? If you prefer fanciful prata, you may also ask for banana fillings or mushroom and cheese.

Stir fried Hokkien Noodles

I love how the uncle uses thick yellow noodles with thin bee hoon and of course, not forgetting the generous seafood that he adds into this dish (considering I’m a regular! hiak hiak.) Using pork broth as the base for the gravy, this dish comes out really yummy and leaves one wanting more. I think I once had this 3 weekends in a row. Did I mention also that there are actually pieces of roasted pork in it?! ^^You may find it a surprise, but if you are observant, many stalls selling hokkien noodles no longer include them due to the high cost. Boo.

2. 58 New Upper Changi Rd Singapore 461058

This is an old neighbourhood that appeals to the people who once lived there or are still living there. There are not many parking lots but the variety of food exceeds that of a coffee shop. Under the same roof, there is a hawker centre, a wet and dry market, some stores which sells clothing, toys and sundries.

From young, I am a fan of dry wanton noodles. Knowing this, Poh brought me here. He had his first bowl of wanton noodle here and he claims it is the best. After trying it, I have to admit, it is good. The owner cooks the noodle on his own and maintains the q-ness of the noodles in every bowl he served. Other than maintaining the quality of the noodle, he watches the way he presents his noodles in the plate and was never once casual and slipshod about it. The soup is good as it has all the essence of the wanton that was boiled and cooked in it.


Another stall that boasts good noodles would be the Amy’s Laksa which is along the same stretch of stalls as the wanton noodles. If you intend to visit the market during weekends, you must prepare yourself for the wait. The queue is usually as what you see in the picture and mind you, this picture was taken on a Sunday at 1 plus. Can you imagine if you were any earlier?

Dry Prawn Noodle

I realised successful stalls ( = good food + loyal & regular customers) have a few common trait. Not only are they not stingy with their ingredients, they put in time and effort to make sure the food they served is of high quality. I guess that’s how they attract customers isn’t it?

3. Bedok Food Centre, 1 Bedok Road Singapore 469572

A pretty inaccessible place, I bet some of you may have already heard of the yummy cheng teng that is sold here but I did not try that. Instead, I bought something else which my mum adores: Cuttlefish with Kang Kong. My mum had told me how much better the cuttlefish with kang kong sold here fare as compared to the one being sold at the market opposite Temasek Junior College (Blk 16 Bedok South Road Singapore 460016). After trying it, I agree. It is much more flavourful and similarly, the owner is very generous with the kang kong and cuttlefish served.

Ye Lai Xiang Cuttlefish Kang Kong

I was naive to think that this plate of cuttlefish and kang kong will not fill. Afterall there are only vegetables, kang kong and pineapple. Surprisingly, it did. I ordered the fried oyster omelette, thinking that I might still be hungry with just the cuttlefish and kang kong dish.

The first bite was good. It was crispy and the oysters served were juicy and supple. Unfortunately, subsequent bites were not as satisfying as it was slightly dry and besides from being full from the kang kong and cuttlefish, I felt a little queasy as the starch was simply too much to finish.

4. Snack Shop, Blk 248 Simei Street 3,#01-106.

Snack Shop... NOT!

The name of the coffee shop may be misleading but it is definitely not just a snack shop. Consisting of just 2 stalls, one selling roasted meat and one selling economic rice and a small seating area for its patrons, this coffee shop attracts large crowds for its size.

More than 20 dishes for you to choose from!

Are you hungry now after looking at all these yums?? Head over to these places when you are in the area for a bite and try them for yourselves. 😉

Til the next post. 🙂


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