Brunch with the Ladies

Despite having to wake up earlier than usual on a Saturday morning, I was especially excited! I was going to try brunch at The Tastings Room@Marina Square with 2 of my favourite ladies! However, I was still fashionably late. Opps! Haha…

I was not sure of its location as this was my first time visiting the place but I was in luck. Once I emerged from the escalator from the exit of the CityLink mall, I spotted the restaurant behind the pillars of  One Raffles Link.

The Tastings Room, 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square #01-08 Singapore 039594 Tel: (65) 6338 1829

After I took a glance at my watch, I quickly crossed the road and met my brunch dates who are already sitting comfortably in the restaurant, all ready to order. Thank to Delished, which I got to know about after one of my friends’ friend, missuschewy, was nominated as the best food blogger, I came to know of another event: Let’s Brunch Singapore Festival. By making a reservation through their facebook page,  one gets to enjoy special rates! Happily, I did! And coincidentally, one of brunch dates birthday and my birthday fell on this week! Yippee. Perfect place to makan and celebrate! 😉

For the set menu that was offered through the reservation on Delished facebook page, we got to choose from 2 soups, a list of yummy mains and a drink for just $15++! Simply worth it. And boy was the food filling!!!

Seafood Smoked Vine Tomato Soup

Truffle Mushroom Puree Soup

Egg Royale

Miss Yip

A cuppa for you?

Miss Seah


Me with my Egg Benedict

Digging in! Look how the yolk oozes out!! Yums...

I prefer to eat the yolk whole and let it pop in my mouth! 😀

Thank you The Tastings Room for the lovely brunch!

Thank you Delished and missuschewy for the great recommendation! 😀

p/s: the golden peony tea which I ordered is really fragrant, almost good enough to use as a perfume! 🙂

All ready for Christmas!

For the review done by missuschewy on The Tastings Room, here you go!

Although, we were feeling super duper full from the brunch, we decided we need desserts! Haha! Well, what’s a birthday without sweet treats? 😉

We then headed over to the Esplanade, having decided on Max Brenner Chocolate Bar when a brightly lit shop caught our eyes on our way. Being fickle minded and Having heard quite good reviews about this place, we decided to switch to Loola’s by Awfully Chocolate.

Loola's by Awfully Chocolate, 8 Raffles Avenue, #02-14 Esplanade Mall, Tel: (65) 6336 9563

Cakes and Pastries Galore

Neat, clean and white facade of the restaurant

While waiting for our cakes:



The cakes are served! Knowing that it was our birthdays, the service crew was so sweet by serving the cakes with a candle on each of the cakes for us! Smak! (Kiss Sound made by Snoopy, my new-found love!)

Lemon Yogurt Cake

Birthday Girl, 28th Nov

Birthday Girl, 1st Dec

Birthday Girl, 26th Jan

Doreen’s birthday was not in December but we could not resist and insisted she have a picture with both the cakes too! Haha.

Blowing out the candles!

Kudos to the excellent staff and beautiful place! Do you know they serve all-day breakfast too? Do check out their menu.

Plus!!! They are having a promotion now. Check out this adorable promotional advertisment that was on our table.

Unfortunately the rest of the ladies (Li, Venne, LiJun) were not with us!!! So looking forward to meeting you peeps during our next makan session!! Misses!!! XOXO… 😦

Til the next post! 🙂

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  1. 자기야 says:

    miss yip, seems to have grown a bit… lol~~

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