It’s My Birthday!!!

Although it was a few days past my birthday, I think this is something I feel is definitely worth sharing.

What better ways to celebrate the day than to sleep in, eat something you like and spoil yourself silly?! That was exactly what I did.

1. Sleeping in

Sleeping in is a thing of the past, especially now that I am no longer a child nor am I a full-time blogger. To be granted this opportunity is something I am very grateful for! So I did, for as long as I could, even though the sun was already shining down on me.

With my 2 cutie pies

2. Eat something you like

Someone once said, “能吃是福”. In English, it means, it is a blessing for one to be able to eat/to have food to eat.

Being a lover of Japanese Food, Poh and I decided to head over to Changi City Point for some and because I’m the birthday girl, I got to choose what I want to eat for dinner at the expense of Poh! 😀

We settled for Ootaya Japanese Restaurant which recommended.

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant #01-30/31, Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1. Tel:(65) 6636 1228

What really caught my attention was these little buttons with the cute print that were next to the prices of each of the items on the menu.

It turned out that instead of ordering from the service crew, one could also asked to order through the menu directly! How cool is that right???

Instructions on how to place one's orders

Click on "SEND" after you are done ordering!

However, the voice from the pen was really LOUD and it repeated every single order we placed and ended every sentence with “Order Incomplete” as we were still deciding what to order! We gave up after a while and decided to just order from the staff. Haha…

This picture blew me away so I decided to order this! 😀

Here it is:


A closeup shot of the steamed rice with clams

The egg soup

It's interesting to have cold pumpkin as part of the set.

Look how cute this scoop for the rice is! It's only as big as my palm!

Burning flame to keep the rice warm throughout the meal

Mistook this as a pizze-cutter only to realise from the service crew it's used to put out the flames.

Korokke (Seasoned mass potato patty)


This is really good for pork lovers and those who prefer something slightly spicy. 😉

For UOB card holders, you get another 15% off your total bill. 😉

The dessert after our meal was my birthday cake!

It was a good birthday meal. *burp*

 3. Spoil yourself silly

I always love taking photos using my iPhone for the reasons below:

(i) I can edit photos on the go,

(ii) I can upload my photos onto photobucket quickly,

(iii) The photo quality is good.

Recently, I came to realise that using the iPhone to take photos may not be such a good idea when:

(i) I want to take objects which are quite a distance away,

(ii) I want to take objects which are moving fast,

(iii) I want to capture night shots as naturally as possible, without flash.

Thus I made a costly decision to get a semi-pro camera for myself so that I can take better pictures in situations where my iPhone is not able to perform the task.

After much deliberation, I decided on the Sony Nex-3.

Extremely excited with my new buy. I’ll be bringing it out with me whenever I can to snap pictures!!! Meanwhile, I’ll be contented with my iPhone for daily snapshots. 😀

So here you go. Make sure you dote on yourself more than anyone else in the world because no one deserves better! 😉

Many well wishes came in the form of wall posts on my facebook and smses but the special ones I received was a birthday card from my beloved Mimi and a red packet from my mummy! Not forgetting a birthday surprise from dear dear secondary four class. (Will blog about it soon! Photos in the camera!)

A snoopy kiss for all these dearies in my life.

As the saying goes,”With age comes wisdom”. I could not agree more. I have learnt to count my blessings. For many past birthdays, my greatest wish was to have a huge party/big surprises/lavish gifts. As I age, I realise that these are not important but evanescent. It may matter so much at that moment but once you passed that phase of wanting that something so much, you will realise the most important things are the ones you have right now in your life. Thank you to all the people who have remembered this day and helped made my day exceptional. You people are the ones who are indeed exceptional. Smak!

Til the next post! 🙂

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  1. love u to max my lil old moimoi!

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