Thank you 4/7!

If you had read my earlier post on my birthday, you would have known I spent my birthday sleeping in, eating food which I love and shopped for my birthday present. As pathetic as it may sound to some, I have also mentioned that having huge parties/surprises/gatherings is a thing of the past for me.

Turns out that I was wrong on this birthday.

My class had told me they had organised a gathering and wanted me to be part of it and as their home tutor, how could I turn it down? Afterall, they were my darlings. Haha… no matter how naughty they were and unbecoming in other teachers’ eyes, they are still my favourite. :p

They had informed me of the place and time to meet only on the day itself so I was terribly late as I had other work on hand that needed immediate attention. After taking a quick shower, I rushed out of the house, only to receive a message from my vice chair person asking if I wanted company on the train. This fellow had not decided if he wanted to be part of the gathering but went ahead with accompanying me throughout the train journey. I was touched, and I knew about him being undecided after he has boarded the train. Nonetheless, it was great talking to him.

We made our way to VivoCity where the rest are waiting. QC had kindly came down to the MRT station to pick me up as she refused to disclose the location to me. No doubt I sensed something fishy, I did not quite want to have any expectations as well so I followed her. She led me to the open air atrium right on top of Vivo City where some of the students  were hidden in a corner, sulking  and holding on to some balloons.

Initially I had thought that the balloons were THE surprise. I was wrong. I had been so late that I had unknowingly spoilt the first part of the surprise: I was supposed to collect balloons on the walls and the pillars to reach the destination for the second part of the surprise. I’m glad I didn’t miss the second part!!! 😀


My beloved 4/7

Birthday Cake


Cutting the cake for everyone to redeem myself for being late. :p

Taking a few shots of the beautiful Christmas decorations:

This one looks like the tree is on a sleigh! 😀

Moving on to HabourFront for our dinner:

Goofing around while waiting

A beautiful hand bouquet from XW

Food’s here!

The All Time Favourite: Hawaiian Classic

Digging in!

Dear 4/7, thank you so muchie!!! 😀

Til the next post! 😀



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