One Day Getaway To Batam (1/3)

Heading for a one day trip can really tiring, especially when I have to wake up at 0515h, right after a 3D2N sports camp where I had an average of 4 hours of sleep everyday! *screams out loud*

That, of course, did not stop me from waking up ON TIME (so proud of myself! ^^) and making my way to the HarbourFront Cruise Centre with MH1. It was serene to be cruising on the highway while the main island was still in slumber.

Good Morning Singapore

We met Yan and her beau to collect our boarding tickets and headed for MacDonalds for breakfast. Being a victim of the terrible condition known at motion-sickness, I could not afford to eat too much so I took a few bites from the big breakfast MH1 was having.

The company of the ferry we are travelling on

MacDonald's Big Breakfast


Unknowingly, as we were happily eating our breakfast, the clock ticked away. When we have finished eating, we heard our names repeated over the public announcement system. We were the last 4 passengers! Making our way over to the boarding platform as fast as we could (this was not helped by the fact that there was an auntie in front of me who had no idea of how to use the self-check in machine, her grandson whom she is worried about and insisted I help and also another old lady, the friend of the previous lady who also wanted me to help), we managed to get onboard before the ferry took off. Phew!!!

Inside the ferry

Milo from MH1 with love

MH1 taking pics

Sending the pics to her dad

Yan & Noor

Bye bye Singapore! Off to Batam we go!

Til the next post! 😀

2 Responses to “One Day Getaway To Batam (1/3)”
  1. the wanderer says:

    I haven’t been to Batam before. Your post is very helpful, Batam Fast’s ferry looks good!

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Perhaps you can make it as one of your one day trip if you are in Asia. 😉 The lifestyle there is way more relaxing than that in Singapore. 🙂

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