One Day Getaway to Batam (3/3)

Arriving at the hotel was the best thing that happened to me since the morning  as I could finally take a warm bath! 😀

all ready for christmas!

The hotel room was really clean and spacious, good enough for MH1 and me!

The bathroom had a bathtub so for those who wants a bubble bath, remember to bring your bath bombs!

After a warm nice bath, we decided to take a short nap before heading out for dinner. The tour guide had recommended us the seafood along Harbour Bay so we decided to heed his advice. We hailed a cab from the hotel and the journey from Mercure to the stretch of seafood restaurants was barely 20 minutes.

A tip for travellers: If you want to hail a cab, it is best to do so through the hotel you are staying with. If you are going to hail one along the road, make sure you fix the price at which you are willing to pay before entering one! We were lucky to have Yan’s boyfriend who could converse in Melayu! 😀

We set out to satiate our hunger with another seafood feast!

Menu is in Bahasa IndonesianA bite for MH1

Spare Us!


Really yummy avocado smoothie

Telepathy...Both of them had their eyes closed when they posed 😀

And all the food and drinks we had cost us only 244, 000 rupiah! (SGD 34) Great deal!!! 😀

We really had a better dinner as compared to our lunch. There was another one, recommended by our tour guide as well. It has a billboard numbered 138 and is located right at the end of the stretch of restaurants. A fellow traveller on the same tour group as us in the afternoon had went to that restaurant instead of the one we went to. He spent about 300, 000 plus rupiah but his menu included lobster! *salivates*

Moving on to the next programme of the night, we headed to No Name Pub at Harmoni Hotel. Apparently, it is a hit with both foreigners and locals as there is no entry charges, the music is good and there are plenty of room to dance and lounge! Love it.


Eyes Wide

Eyes Shut

The place was freezing and we ended up cuddling each other!

A shot with the vocalist

The crowd in the club was building up, especially with all the pubs in the vicinity closed and the music was getting good but we were simply too tired to sustain through the night. Heading back to the hotel was a little scary for me as we left the club close to 1 am and there was no one along the streets. There were a few cabs parked nearby and we managed to get one for only 30, 000 rupiah (SGD 4~5)! It was just a 10 minutes ride back to the hotel and just when I happily thought I could wash the smell of smoke out of my hair, a calamity struck. There was no HOT WATER in the middle of the night!!! No!!!! *screams at the top of my voice* Apparently, the engineers are repairing some of the pipes and have switched off the hot water supply to all the rooms. Worst, while they were carrying out repair works, one of the pipes burst so we also had to forgo our plans to swim as the water was freezing cold. Boohoo… 

Breakfast the next morning was at the hotel’s own cafeteria… 

Here’s the chef preparing my omelette with a smile:

A tip for travellers: Smoking is allowed everywhere, literally. Therefore, in air-conditioned places, especially restaurants, do look for the non-smokers corner to have your meals. That also explains why I had the smell of smoke in my hair. 😦

…whereas lunch was at …

…A&W! Don’t you just miss it?
Overall, the tour was rather enjoyable. It was a relaxing trip and if you are interested in visiting Batam, you are in luck! We purchased our tour package, which included the hotel stay and the massage through Groupon. Now, there are other packages for you to choose from. Check out the links below (Got them through the emails I signed up for):
This is from
I also got to know through my first post that an ex-colleague of mine is doing transport within Batam so if anyone is interested and is going with a big group of friends or family, leave a comment and I can tie you guys up. 🙂 Otherwise, you may wish to contact him directly. He’s Hartono and you can reach him at (65) 97963285.
If you are visiting Batam, I hope this post has helped you in some way. Enjoy yourself and have a rocking time! 😀
Til the next post! 🙂
2 Responses to “One Day Getaway to Batam (3/3)”
  1. mel says:


    Read ur post.. Very useful. I am curious.. Do u happen to remember the name of the band whose vocalist u took picture with? I met him early this month while on a company trip. At night we went there for some nice music. And i met the vocalist. But i forgot to ask the name of his band. Im very much interested in their music. And hope that they have some videos on youtube..

    Do u still remember? I hope u still do coz ive been searchin online for weeks and i finaly stumble upon ur blog..


    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      I can’t remember the name of the band but they were performing at club at the Harmoni Hotel. Perhaps you would like to check with the club? They may provide you with information you required. 🙂

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