Just as Poh and I were wondering what we could do in the vicinity after dinner as we munched away at Nandos, an interesting search on our phones showed that there was K Suites in Iluma. This find got both of us intrigued as we have heard of K Box but we have yet heard of K Suites. Curious, we decided to pop by after dinner.

It was not easy finding the place as Iluma was undergoing some major renovation but we did. This was what greeted us when we stepped out of the lift.

The Waiting Area

Due to the major renovation, the business is pretty badly affected. We were late for our appointment but there were plenty of rooms available. It was a blessing in disguise as I could really explore the place and took a peek at most of the rooms that were available.

I had expected it to be a spinoff but it turned out to be a really interesting place for people who are looking for something more than just pure singing.

Equipped with different themed rooms to suit your moods and likes, this place is quite different from the usual K Box outlets.

This room comes with a bed!

A larger room for a bigger crowd

We were given the smaller version of the room with a bed and guess what? There were blankets provided! Such a thoughtful act!

Thus, while my Poh sang…

…I could always take a nap while listening to his lullaby!

I also liked the wireless microphones that came with the room and the fantastic sound system. There wasn’t once we had to endure high screeching sounds due to feedback from either of the microphones. The problem with wires entangled was eliminated and it was really easy to move around the room without worrying about tripping on wires in the dark.

Our atas tea and snacks

Furthermore, for those that need to stay connected to the rest of the world no matter where you are through various venues other than your ipad, iphone and other mobile devices, the room comes with its very own PC! How cool is that?!

And guess what else was in the room?










An elephant!!!

Cute right? This was meant to be the seat for the ones surfing the net. Felt so much like bringing this fellow home! ^^

I was totally in awe of the whole place. I’ll really love to come back to this place with the rest of my singing khakis! Speaking of that, where are you peeps?! 😦

K Suites @ Iluma, 201, Victoria Street, #03-20, Singapore 188067 Tel: 62433113

It does make a good place for people to connect and have fun together. So the next you are in mood to croon, do consider popping by this place. Gather your mates,  pick a room of your choice and sing away!

WARNING: Pricier than the usual KBOX. Xp

ADVICE: Remember to book before you appear at its doorsteps to avoid disappointment! 😉

Til the next post! 😀

2 Responses to “Ka-Ra-Always-OK!”
  1. missuschewy says:

    Hihi Lyn! Not sure if you received the message that I sent via FB. I need your mailing address so that I can send the calender to you. Can you email me at missuschewy@gmail.com? Thanks and merry Christmas in advance! 🙂

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