Travelling at South of the Sea Part 1

Have you seen the movie “If You Are The One 2” (非誠勿擾2) starring Ge You (葛優) and Taiwan’s Shu Qi (舒淇)? If you had, you would have probably made Hainan one of your next travel destination. An island which has a tropical moist monsoonal climate, one gets to experience different weather in a year, depending on which part of the island you are at. December to March was supposedly the best time to travel and coupled with a good deal we spotted on Groupon, Poh and I made use of this opportunity to visit this place.

Poh booked us air tickets from Jetstar and as a first timer on a flight with this airline, it was a pleasant experience. With just an extra SGD$30 per person, we were the first to board and we enjoyed ample of leg space on board. Perfect for lanky Poh who was using his laptop to do his thesis on the go.

Window seats are best for the view above clouds!

Filling up the visitor’s entry card was necessary and we cleared the immigration pretty quickly upon arrival. Our tour guides welcomed us warmly and we were whisked, together with the rest of the other travellers, to our hotel.

Dinner on the first night was not included in our package so we settled for the steamboat within our hotel that aptly filled our tummies and warmed us up.

Side Dishes + Veggies & Dumplings for the Steamboat

Steamboat on a cold cold night is exceptionally yummy. 😀

Due to a conference held at the Jinyuan Hotel which we were supposed to stay in, we had to put up at the International Financial Hotel. The walls were not exactly sound proof and being allocated a room near the lift caused Poh to wake up often through the night by the footsteps of other patrons and those taking the lift. As for me, I was fast asleep, perhaps dreaming of the lovely holiday I was going to have in the next few days.

Til the next post! 🙂


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