All things happy start with a good breakfast… or rather.. Brunch!

Inspired by the wide variety of brunches that are readily available around us, Miss Yip decided we should get down to preparing our own brunch and it was set! We met super early (actually it was 9 am. Hee hee…) at Simei Eastpoint NTUC (which was just 10-15 minutes walk from my place) and I … Continue reading


The past week was a crazy one for me. I was kept on my toes to clean up my entire house with my husband for the first time! (I married in March 2011) Not only must I make sure all items are placed where they belong, I had to keep all the junks out of … Continue reading

願 主唱:王菲 作曲:謳歌 填詞:慈誠培吉 編曲:謳歌 監製: 歌詞 在山水之間 在佛塔之間 在聚散之間 在你我之間 在山水之間 有一份信念 是靜默無言 在佛塔之間 有一條經幡 是為你掛牽 在聚散之間 有一劫宿緣 是無常善變 在你我之間 有一縷思念 是魂繞夢牽 在山水之間 有一份信念 是靜默無言 在佛塔之間 有一條經幡 是為你掛牽 在聚散之間 有一劫宿緣 是無常善變 在你我之間 有一縷思念 是魂繞夢牽 此生 上路 哪怕天絕地穿 只願 途中 能再與你相見 嗡嘛尼唄咪吽舍 引用來源 I simply love this new song from my all-time favourite singer Faye Wong. Enjoy. 😀 Til the next post.

I was born with a face only a mother could love.

What would you think of when you saw the title? A disfigured child? A toddler that had been stricken with a rare disease that left him beyond recognition? The young of an endangered species? These were the first lines of a newsletter I received from Project Aware. Who would have thought that this was what … Continue reading

If I were to receive a $100 Jipaban voucher, how would I spend it this CNY?

Chinese New Year is less than 10 days away!!! OMG… That would mean lesser time for cleaning up the house, faster pace at getting the goodies stocked up and the nearer it is to spending time with loved ones and gathering with friends and family! The one thing that must be done as the Chinese … Continue reading

Beauty Review: Bifesta Makeup Remover

This is my first review of a beauty product which I have gotten from Nuffnang and I’m super excited because 1. I have never done a beauty review. 2. It is a fantastic product. The reason why I stated no. 2 was because it cleaned away my eye makeup in a flash. Ok.. I exaggerated. However, I … Continue reading

To the dearest and most lovable member of the family, Iko: Happy Birthday!

Travelling at South of the Sea (Final)

I was really looking forward to this day as we were going to the hotel we have booked for ourselves after watching the movie ‘If You Are the One 2″ starring Shu Qi and Ge You. The place looked so gorgeous that Poh and I made it a point to extend our stay in Hainan for … Continue reading

Travelling at South of the Sea Part 4

As one can see, there are acres and acres of land used for farming along the way to famous beach in Sanya, the Asian’s Dragon Bay, more commonly known as Ya Long Bay or Ya Long Wan. There are no industries in Hainan thus tourism is their main source of revenue. Exporting locally products helped to … Continue reading

Goodbye 2011, HELLO 2012!

On the New Year’s Eve, what did you do? That was the question many answered and blogged about. I will be no exception. Haha! Poh and I were still in the festive mood as the 12 days of christmas ain’t over. Though we did not indulge ourselves in being merry and silly, we were glad … Continue reading