Travelling at South of the Sea Part 2

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you had a great time feasting and getting cosy with your loved ones.

Continuing with my lovely holiday in Hainan…

The itinerary for the second day began with us waking up at 715 and hitting the roads by 830 to get to Sanya. Geez…

The view out of our hotel room

Although there was no time difference between Singapore and Hainan, Poh and I struggled to wake up at such early hour as both of us are night owls. Nonetheless, the agenda for the day kept us excited.

A typical morning

A common mode of transport

1st stop: The Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park and Museum (QiongHai)

The Red Detachment of Women is the first army force of women in the Chinese revolutionary hisory. During the war, they coordinated with the main force, fought bravely and made immortal contribution to the revolution of Hainan. They are regarded as the banner of women’s liberation movement and the honor of Hainan People. (Taken from here)

Side Note: Our tour package which costs $58 only included the tour around the museum so we agreed as a tour group to pay another SGD110 for the entry to the musuem, as well as for the ferry ride to the Jade Belt Beach and entry to the Nan Shan Temple which I’ll introduce in later entries. Back to the current attraction.

Sadly, not all these heroines got their happy ending when the war ended. As most of them were peasants or child-bride, after being disbanded, some married the soldiers they fought side by side with. Those with families who accepted them back returned home. The rest of the survivors were not so lucky. As many had been through war, they were plagued with ailments and scars. Also, many had learnt ways of surviving in the wild as with the guerrillas but not so as a city dweller. Coupled with disabilities, many were jobless and survived on a mere RMB90 given by the government back then. It was increased to a meagre RMB800 eventually and even so, they had to travel a long distance to get to the distribution centre. Tourists to the memorial centre are strongly encouraged to give the surviving ladies some sweets and perhaps a small monetary sum and some sweets(they have a sweet tooth) to help ease these ladies’ living in the brick wall abode that was preserved since the olden days.

A simple source of entertainment

Giving the 102 year old survivor a hug

Poh also got to try out some of the gadgets the army used during war.

On our way back to the coach, we took a tour around the park. An interesting flower, an evergreen tree and a pond filled with blooming lotus plants completed the stay.

Before arriving at The Red Detachment of Women Memorial Park, we made a pit stop. Selling mainly slippers, sundresses, souvenirs and hats, one can tell that travellers stopping by are most likely heading towards the beach. However, with the temperatures dipping, it was unlikely for us to engage in water sports. 😦

Lunch before we continue on our journey

2nd stop: Factory Outlets

What’s a stop to Hainan without a visit to the factory that manufactures its local products? As Hainan is a tropical island, the climate is suitable to grow fruits such as mango as well as coffee and pepper. What the locals love to grow and take pride in is its coconuts as there is a wide variety of snacks and beverages that are made of coconut. Of course, Poh and I delighted ourselves by getting some of these products for ourselves and families. πŸ™‚

Roasting of the beans

Packing of the coffee powder

Making of the crispy coconut pancakes

Side Note: Most of the places we went to did not allow photography so pictures are hard to capture and scarce. Apologies 😦

A special mention to this curbside stall that was at the exit of the outlet. They sold eggs but not just normal fried eggs. They added a dollop of coconut milk into the eggs, making the dish especially fragrant and one could also add some yellow pepper sauce that will instantaneously spice up one’s palate. Yummy, I say, especially for a windy cool noon.

香水菠萝 (Perfume Pineapple) *Name given due to the petite size of the pineapple

3rd stop: Jade Belt Beach

This is an interesting place to visit. The waters got rockier as one neared the shore and one would immediately notice the drastic difference between its coastlines: one side had huge tidal waves hitting relentlessly on its shores while the other has gentle and occasional splashes lapping on it.

This beach which is 30 km long is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest boundary between the river and the sea. It faces the South China Sea on one side while had the other side facing the rivers that flow into the sea.

Doing my favourite "Jump" shot!

There’s also this myth about how the place came about and how the stone I’m “holding” was formed. Read on here!

Poh and I decided to indulge ourselves in a childhood game we used to play at beaches and that was to “outrun” the waves without getting wet. We had a tickling good time being silly, trying our best to outrun the waves and getting wet!

Poh escaped almost quite unscathed but the same couldn’t be said for me!

Looking on and hoping to catch the next wave for his

The night drew nearer as we got closer to Sanya. Poh and I retired to our rooms early to recharge ourselves for the tour around Sanya the next day!

Til the next post! πŸ™‚

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  1. Jean says:

    Interesting stuff about the Red Detachment of Women Memorial!

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