Goodbye 2011, HELLO 2012!

On the New Year’s Eve, what did you do?

That was the question many answered and blogged about.

I will be no exception. Haha!

Poh and I were still in the festive mood as the 12 days of christmas ain’t over. Though we did not indulge ourselves in being merry and silly, we were glad to have the companionship of Poh’s buddies on this special day.

Zhen Ming & Weiwei

People enter your lives and leave as they please. It is hard to find someone who’s willing to stay and stick through it with you. Kudos to this pair of friends Poh had!

Wei wei has not tried Nandos before so we decided to have our dinner there. Despite my persistent cough, I was excited to eat at Nandos. It reminded me of how in awe I felt when I first had it in London on a cold winter’s night. I was sold. I never knew chicken could taste so tender and well marinated in the special Peri Peri Portuguese  sauce prepared specially by Nandos for their fowls.

Even Wei wei who was a first timer at this restaurant gave her thumbs up for the chicken breast which was being grilled, slightly charred yet remained juicy and soft.

Hungry yet? If not, take a look at these photos!

Feeding Poh his favourite Peri Peri Chips

Fighting for Yummy Food can turn friends to foe! haha...

Mr Extra at the back

Remember to hit their outlets now and while you dine, vote for your favourite peri-peri flavour and you could be a lucky winner to Nandos sizzling Peri-Peri Victory Party. Click here to take part!

After having a really satisfying meal, we went to grab some drinks and sang our lungs out at K Suites which was just across the road.

This time round, we were given a room for four and it came with the desktop hidden in a tucked away cubicle. It was really convenient to find songs on YouTube as some of us were familiar with tunes but remember the titles or even better, we remember the link where we heard our favourite songs but can’t remember the tunes!

Getting started with the computer once he stepped in

Crooning to their favourite tunes

Thank you K Suites for the lovely experience! 😀

In the Angel's Room

I’ve previously introduced K Suites as a unique place to enjoy singing and we enjoyed ourselves just as much this time round. Check out my earlier post here.

As we were going back to Bugis Junction where Poh parked his car, we passed by this poster that was just perfectly in place for some photos!

Just when I thought the year could not have end any better with good food and great company, Poh suggested catching the fireworks. The 3 of us were in disbelief.

“Are you sure?”

“There are road closures!”

“I think we won’t be in time…”

Not one who admit defeat easily, he insisted and as passengers, we gave him moral support. Though it did not look too well at the beginning as there was traffic diversion and all the vehicles were forced to turn into Stamford Road, when we turned left into the Parliament Place from North Bridge Road, something magical happened. The cars in front of us stopped. We were puzzled.

At the beginning, Poh was flustered, thinking that there might be some vehicle breakdown ahead. He got the car to have a look, only to realise the stretch of road ahead of the car in front was empty. We looked around and realised that the cars in the 2nd and 3rd lane also stopped. I took a peek at the time. 11:55pm. Everyone had had it planned! It was as though there was telepathy amongst all the drivers and miraculously there was no carpark attendant in sight!

P.S. There was a tow truck though but being stuck between vehicles which were not moving did not help! 😉

As the clock ticked away and the minute hand inching its way close to midnight, the car in front of us accelerated and parked along the road. Poh followed suit and so did the rest of the car. We were exhilarated! We could catch the fireworks after all. Being in high spirits, we got off the car and waited eagerly for the show to come on.

Car neatly lined up, all waiting for the MOMENT!

All geared up for the fireworks!

Beaming with Joy

Then it started:











“Happy New Year Singapore!”

Following the countdown was the release of balloons from the Singapore Cricket Club and the song “Auld Lang Syne” played. Everyone was all hyped out. Just as the balloons drifted further and further away, the skies burst into brightness with the spectacular fireworks that lasted for close to 8 minutes!

Some Mr A who stood in my almost perfect view. Geez...

We ended year 2011 and started 2012 with a bang! In fact, many bangs! haha…

During the fireworks show, other than the occassional “oohs” and “aahs”, the whole place seemed to come to a standstill. As miraculously as the traffic halted, it started to flow again once the the fireworks ended. Whistles were heard and the traffic police assumed duties, signalling those who were parking illegally along the road to move along. Indeed, it seemed perfectly alright to shelve duties and responsibilities aside to enjoy the moment. Not just the fireworks but how we managed to stay healthy and safe in this era and made it through the year to the next.

The night did not end here. Poh drove us back to their alma mater for a spin. We took a stroll along the bridge which was still bustling with life at 1 am and settled for some cool beer under the moonlight before heading home.

2011 was a good year. I have learnt many things from my previous profession as a teacher, picked up many useful tips and skills and made many friends. As I bid 2011 goodbye, I can’t help but feel nostalgic as I would no longer be in the same work environment as many of my lovely colleagues. Looking forward, I’m sure the next year would be even better. May all of you got what you wished for, not just through wishful thinking but through sheer hard work and determination to see things til the very end.

Til the next post! 🙂


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