Travelling at South of the Sea (Final)

I was really looking forward to this day as we were going to the hotel we have booked for ourselves after watching the movie ‘If You Are the One 2″ starring Shu Qi and Ge You. The place looked so gorgeous that Poh and I made it a point to extend our stay in Hainan for a day just so we could visit it.

We woke up early to get the tickets for the fast speed train that would take us to Wanning where we would then hire a cab to drive us into the hotel.

The breakfast looked exceptionally delicious. I guess when a person is happy, everything seemed to have a tinge of love in it!

Har Gao

Love Char Siew Buns which opened up like a flower

Pumpkin Porridge

Love this. They added floss with shrimps into it! Plus, it comes with 2 sauces. Yums!

I prefer Din Tai Fung's. 😉

The taxi ride from the hotel to the train station costs us RMB25 though the meter stated RMB20 only. Although we felt slightly cheated, we were also quite glad to be fetch promptly to the place we wished to go.

A coin has 2 sides to it and so does everything else. While it was good that there were security checks conducted at the train station, it was not good that the officers did not allow me to bring my knives which I had purchased the day before from the iron ore shop onboard. *angry*

I was annoyed that I had not been informed of these checks but Poh’s quick thinking saved us. He called our tour guide who collected the items from us and agreed to deliver it to us the next day upon our departure. We were so blessed.

The train ride was pleasant except for the toilets onboard. Besides being air-conditioned, one could also buy food and beverages on the ride.

More farm land along the way to Wanning

Travelling from HaiKou to Wanning took us an hour and a half and the drive to the hotel was another half an hour. Though slightly longer than expected, we were glad we took the trip. What greeted us at the door left us in awe.


We were told at the reception that the room which we have booked was unavailable and so…. WE GOT AN UPGRADE! 😀

We were driven to our "room".

The room we booked

The villa we got upgraded to! 😀

Lucky Number 1818

A dining area that comes with a mini bar

Super high tech phone

Personalised message for Us

Our own private pool!

Going upstairs now!

There's even rain shower!

I love these. 😀

They even provide croc scandals for those going to the beach!

After unloading our luggage, we went on to explore the hotel and its facilities.

Private beach exclusive to the hotel patrons

Poh at his favourite sport

At the beach, not only were there volleyball nets and soccer nets set up, ready for anyone who’s game enough to take on the sport, there were also other water sports available. Poh and I didn’t really want to get ourselves wet in the cold weather (22 degree with strong wind blowing…) so we decided to forgo all water sports and went for dinner instead! 😀



Complimentary multi grain bread

A really weird tasting concoction. A word of advice: Not for the weak hearted


Mains 1

Mains 2

Mains 3: The famous WenChang Chicken

After dinner, we decided to head back to our room for a short rest before we hit the lobby pool. Despite having our own pool, the water was really cold. The lobby pool heated its water and maintained the temperature between 28 – 30 degrees celsius. Perfect for a night swim. 😉

After taking on the pool, we also tried the Jacuzzi which maintained its temperature between 38 – 40 degree Celsius. It was hot but shiok!

View of lobby from pool

Supper at Breakers!

Cheesecake that was passable

Tom Yam Soup to curb Poh's craving for spicy food

The heater that kept us warm when we dine outdoors

The stay at Le Meridien was fabulous and we were so sad to spend just 1 day there! Nonetheless, a holiday is a holiday. The bad part: It ends. The good part: We can always come back for more! 😉

Last Meal in Hainan: Packet Lunch!

The evening unveiled as we took off and head back to Singapore

Til the next post! 😀


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