Beauty Review: Bifesta Makeup Remover

This is my first review of a beauty product which I have gotten from Nuffnang and I’m super excited because

1. I have never done a beauty review.

2. It is a fantastic product.

The reason why I stated no. 2 was because it cleaned away my eye makeup in a flash. Ok.. I exaggerated. However, I did a comparison and I was compelled to believe Bifesta does the work better than the one I am using.

This is how I looked like after work:

Hair tied back and l'm ready to remove all that's possible to on my face!

My daily dose of makeup will always include concealer around the eyes, eyeliner and mascara as I had really dark eye circles so I do use plenty of eye makeup to perk my peepers up. Of course, not forgetting the sparse eyebrows that needed filling too.

For demonstration purpose, I piled on eyeshadow just to emphasize how much better Bifesta performed.

So, what exactly did this small bottle of Bifesta makeup remover that my dear brother had painstakingly travelled to far-far-away land to help me pick up do to wow me?

Firstly, it contains a homogeneous liquid, unlike the emulsion that I have. For those who don’t know the difference, an emulsion is a mixture of 2 liquids, in my case, the natural oils that claims to effectively remove eye makeup (which it does) and the rose water that moisturise the skin around the eye. So why is Bifesta being a homogenous liquid a good thing? Well, there’s no need to mix the liquid then! Also, a problem which I faced with the emulsion was the worry that the rose water (which I’m supposed to mix well with the natural oil by shaking the bottle before use) will run out faster than the oil, and that happened with the previous bottle. Tsk.

Second, I like how the formula is non-greasy. For the current makeup remover I’m using now, it has oils, which means even if it says it’s non-oily, it’s a lie. There’s a line at the back of the bottle of my current makeup that even says,

“Non greasy, not necessary to rinse.”

Sigh… It’s a lie. I continued with it though as it was effective and gentle on the skin. That brings me to the next point.

Bifesta is, surprisingly, gentle on the skin. Unlike some homogeneous solution which can be a little harsh, drying or leave a stingy sensation on your skin after use, especially around your eye area where skin is the thinnest, Bifesta isn’t. Well, it shouldn’t but the sample size I got was not even meant for just the eyes but for the entire face! I was pretty impressed.

After soaking 2 cotton pads, each with each makeup remover and placing it around the eye area and removing it gently in a swipe, here’s what Igot:

If you realised, on the cotton pad on the left, quite abit of my make up was collected when I swiped it outwards whereas not as much was collected on the cotton pad on the right.

This is how I look after I swiped the cotton pad outwards:


I used Bifesta for the left side of my face and my own for the right side of my face. Smudges are really unpleasant as it gets , well, smudged further. The makeup on the left was just nicely removed. 🙂

I continued using the same piece of cotton pad to remove the remaining makeup on my face which includes my loose powder and blusher.

As you can see from this other picture, the eyeliner was not removed from my right eye lid but the eyeliner on the left eyelid was almost gone.

After a while, I just got irritated with one side of my face feeling oily and greasy that I ended up using the cotton pad with the Bifesta makeup remover and wiped my face.

I hereby announced that I’m a convert of the Bifesta makeup remover. Perhaps they could give us a bigger bottle the next time? 🙂

A happy reviewer

Til the next post! 🙂


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