If I were to receive a $100 Jipaban voucher, how would I spend it this CNY?

Chinese New Year is less than 10 days away!!! OMG… That would mean lesser time for cleaning up the house, faster pace at getting the goodies stocked up and the nearer it is to spending time with loved ones and gathering with friends and family!

The one thing that must be done as the Chinese New Year approaches is to get some new clothes! Well, not just for the sake of getting some new clothes but according to traditions, getting new clothes is like welcoming the new year and doing away with the old and unwanted.

Well, I’m also not going to deny that this is a perfect excuse for some festive shopping. And what better ways to do it than shopping online at Jipaban, especially with the wide variety of items they have on their website!

To welcome the Dragon Year, I would want to get something red as it is both an auspicious colour and my favourite colour to be seen in during the festive season.

A gorgeous piece which caught my eye was the Scallop Neckline Dress in Red. It is definitely a dress to be seen in. Just look at the cute scallop neckline. Subtle yet adds details to the dress, making it not just your usual piece.

Other than dressing myself up, I would also dress Poh up in this nice number.

While some guys find pink too girlish and perhaps unmanly, pink suits Poh just fine. In fact, this piece is also made interesting with the white bands on its sleeve and white collar. The breast pockets comes with buttons too. The colour of the shirt is not too bright for a guy and it is definitely good to pair with any white bermudas which is Poh’s favourite choice of casual wear.

With all the decorations going on and the hanging of festive lighting, unsightly and dangling wires are bound to be a headache for many. Well, not with these cute cable clips. Besides keeping your wires neat and tidy, it adds beauty to one’s home. Don’t you just love the idea of killing 2 birds with one stone?

After tidying the house, it’s also time to extend the greetings to relatives who are not joining us for the Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore. When I was browsing the website, I came across this really interesting self-made postcard.

 I’m not suggesting to anyone to write a blackmail postcard but I do find this way of decorating a postcard a much sincere way of saying a message as compared to those which had already been designed. Then again, that’s my personal take.

Last but not least, with gathering comes booze. Instead of frantically searching high and low for a bottle opener or even worst, gnawing at the cap in hope that it would surprising spring open, I would rather opt to get this cute opener from Jipaban Gifts and Lifestyle section under Home and Decor.

Doesn’t the shape of it remind you of Kermit the Frog opening its mouth, asking for beer perhaps? Looking at it automatically cheers me up.

Alright, enough said. Without further ado, I’m going to continue to do at what I was at: I’m checking out Jipaban.com for my CNY attire and more!

One Response to “If I were to receive a $100 Jipaban voucher, how would I spend it this CNY?”
  1. Jean says:

    You are a bit of a fashionista. Hope you find something small to treat yourself for CNY (I’ve never seen Chinese New Year abbreviated like this before..).

    No, I don’t buy anything new for myself during Chinese New Year’s. It just has not been at all part of my psyche/upbringing. I’m never completely clear when Chinese New Year’s occurs each year. So I have to consult the Internet. Besides my birthday falls before Valentine’s Day, so more gift(s) after Christmas. (We do celebrate Christmas consistently in our family in terms of gift-giving.)

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