All things happy start with a good breakfast… or rather.. Brunch!

Inspired by the wide variety of brunches that are readily available around us, Miss Yip decided we should get down to preparing our own brunch and it was set!

We met super early (actually it was 9 am. Hee hee…) at Simei Eastpoint NTUC (which was just 10-15 minutes walk from my place) and I was late. Rushed to meet the girls and I’m so thankful these pretty babes were magnanimous and forgiving. Haha…

Random Picture:  Saw a limousine the first time in my life on my way to the supermarket! 😀

Despite meeting shortly after the supermarket opened, it was packed and the crowd was just overbearing. We grabbed what we needed and headed for Miss Seah’s place.

Spotted this neatly arranged rack of spices in Miss Seah's kitchen! Sweet.

Ingredients for our brunch

Putting mayonnaise salmon on the sliced focaccia bread

Miss Yip helping to dice the tomatoes

Miss Seah helping out

Posing for the camera

And here’s what we have prepared:

Sumptuous? 😉

Assortment of Tea and Biscuits

Self-made Bruschetta

Chinese Dim Sum

Sunny Side Ups!

I like mine with dark soya sauce and pepper!

Savoury Cheese with Herbs

With Crackers

Chefs Wannabe

Having a bit more fun with the camera before we tucked in:

Miss Yip demonstrating how to eat Brie:

Sending it into her mouth:

Look how Miss Yip enjoys her Brie:

Tucking in!

Reaping the fruits of our labour in Miss Seah’s porch was definitely comparable to dining alfresco at some privately owned atas cafe .  Loved it!

I’ll end this post with Miss Yip demonstrating some of the Yoga poses she learnt:

Til the next post! 🙂

5 Responses to “All things happy start with a good breakfast… or rather.. Brunch!”
  1. 자기야 says:

    How come you all have the 閒情逸致 to meet for brunch DIY???

  2. eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

    Of course we do! Under the warm embrace of the morning sun and cool breeze brushing across our flushed cheeks as we sat down for some lovely english breakfast and yummy food…Come back 자기야!

  3. Jean says:

    Clearly you all didn’t have to eat much of a supper after that brunch.

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