I ♥ CNY! (Part 2)

Though the Chinese New Year is barely over, the lively and cheery atmosphere has hardly any left, especially when work starts immediately after the 2nd day of Chinese New Year for me! (Such a damper… @#*&(@^$)

Nonetheless, celebrations for the CNY still goes on for me! Since it only takes place once a year and is probably the festival which most Chinese places strong emphasis on, this is also a period when my besties flew back to Singapore. Tiffy and Fish popped by my place for an afternoon tea and though the gathering was brief as I was expecting guests in the evening, it was still good to hear that the girls were doing well aboard. Plus, I am so happy for them as they are both happily attached! I hope I do hear wedding bells soon! Hee hee…

Fish had an afternoon to spare so she drove by and picked me up for lunch at Nex. It is at Serangoon which is a mere 10 minutes drive from my current workplace. Having cravings for Thai food, we decided to settle for Siam Kitchen to fill our stomachs!

As I had only an hour’s lunch, I was glad we did not have to wait long before the food was served. Short waiting time for food puts a smile on any hungry person’s face!

Prawn Crackers served before the main dishes... Perhaps to curb our hunger a little? (Doesn't quite work though it's crispy and yummy!)

I would usually order myself a cup of Thai Iced Tea which is my must-have drink whenever I dine at a Thai Restaurant but it was most unfortunate that I was plagued with a cough. (I used “plagued” because I had it since RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS!! Grr…) So, I decided to go for something warm: Lemongrass Tea. It smelled really fragrant but almost too close to… that of washing detergent? Haha… I drank it all up anyway. The lady told me lemongrass helps sooth my irritable throat due to over-coughing.

Food Shot!

Thai Mango Salad

According to Fish, this is something that she is deprived of in Shanghai as she had not seen any of the unripe/greenish mango used for making this salad being sold in the markets there. So if you do visit Shanghai and come across really good Thai food or even Thai mango salad, do leave a comment and Fish can fish it out! (Get the pun? Heehee…)

Tom Yam Seafood Glass Noodles

Crispy Spring Rolls

Me and my yummy seafood with rice and egg

Fish looking at the food all ready to tuck in!

A shot of Fish and me

It was a good meal, different from the usual canteen food, great company plus the restaurant offered executive lunch set (which is the one I ordered) that included a drink, a main and 2 sides! Really filling for any starving office girl (aka me)!

As I’ve started a new job, I was kept busy at work, learning the ropes and at the same time, attending night class for the 2nd semester. These 2 events in my life are really keeping me on my toes and many times, I’m so deadbeat by the time I reach home I could hardly stay awake! So thankful that the weekend came in a blink (since I was so busy!) and I got to go back to Mum’s place for gathering with my aunts. It has been such a long time since I sat down for a nice lunch with them weekdays were spent working and my weekends were either spent chaperoning students to fencing matches, spending quality time with Poh or busy marking and rushing to finish work or errands for the house. The best part of this gathering was: The annually-made-by-Mimi-fruits-yu sheng! It’s really yummy, yummy and yummy beyond any words could describe. I can’t recall all the ingredients that were added into it (ginger flower, jackfruit, orange peel were just some of them) but hey, who says a gourmet should know how to cook? Haha…

The ingredients

Master Mimi starting to work

A smile for the camera though eyes still totally fixated on how the ingredients should be added

The Sprinkling of Flowers by the Fairy Shot

Small Aunt, the gourmet

Food tasting in action!

Do not disturb. Work in progress!


Fourth aunt, second chef in action!

Almost ready!

Adding the final touches: The "Ingots"!

With the "Ingots" added, the yu sheng is good for lo hei!

The Ladies in the House: Me, Nicole (my niece), Mum, Fourth Aunt, Small Aunt, Masterchef Mimi aka Third Aunt

IT's Lo Hei time!


It was a brief but heartwarming gathering. W just sat around the dining table and idle chat after we are done with the  steamboat lunch (which consists of my favourite sea cucumber, abalone and prawns!). Tea was Cointreau mixed with ginger ale. *Slurp* Looking forward to more lunches!!! 😀

Not wanting to miss out the opportunity to invite our friends over during the festive period, Poh and I decided to organise a steamboat/grill dinner at our balcony. Upon hearing this, both our mothers, knowing our hectic work schedule and us always reaching home late in the evening, gone out of their way to prepare almost all the ingredients for us. While I received 3 bags from my mum, Poh’s mum filled our fridge to the brim and made almond jelly with longan dessert for the guests.

Almond Longan Jelly

Tofu and all kinds of balls (meatballs, mushroom balls, sotong balls e.t.c)

Chicken Bones and Pork Bones for the soup base

All sorts of greens wrapped in newspapers, market style

Super sweet isn’t it? Mums are simply the best. Smaks!

That afternoon, Miss Yip and Miss Seah, being the most eager and enthusiastic supporters of the steamboat session at my place, joined me at the supermarket to get some last minute must-haves like meat and shabu shabu sauce before we head back to my home and started the preparation for the dinner. The rest arrived not too long after and with the many hands helping and setting up the table, it was soon makan time!

The girls

The guys

Steamboat/Grill Dinner

The complete spread!

A classic shot of Miss Yao looking stunned by something she saw.. Must be me.. Sigh...

Poh caught the "Chef" bug and took on the role of preparing yummy stuff!

Pepper, salt and chilli...

Cooking in progress!

Succulent Prawns and Juicy Fungi ready for noms!

I really had fun catching up with family and friends during this CNY! So before I head for bed, let me end for this post with wacky photos I took in the KTV with my siblings!

Xiao Huang Qi-s (蕭煌奇) Wannabe

Artiste wannabe: Recording LIVE.

Crazy, Wacky, Ugly

A much more appropriate shot

Til the next post! 🙂


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