Meet-ups During the Holidays!

For many working adults, the March holidays was a worrisome one for them. Their kids are at home. Yes, not in school but on holidays! It was the holiday week for most of the schools in Singapore last week. Most of my colleagues took leave to accompany their children. Some took leave to supervise their … Continue reading

1st Wedding Anniversary ^^

A few days before the A-day, I received a text from Mom. She lamented about how time flies and that it was almost a year since I moved out of my home in PR. Upon reading her text, I realised… Poh and my wedding anniversary was coming in another few days’ time! Though I was … Continue reading

Busy busy busy…

These few weeks zoomed past so quickly I hardly had time to catch a breath. First it was my examinations. Then it was the rushing to finish up the project I was on by the dateline. Now that the project had entered its last phase, it was really a slight of relief for the team. … Continue reading

Make it right for a better ride!

“Ding Dong…Doors are closing. Du du du du du…” Sounds familiar? If you are a frequent user of the public transport, especially the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT a.k.a MRT), this would be something that you would have been so immune to that you don’t take notice of it anymore each time you take the … Continue reading

Examinations Out, Holidays In! As if…

Well, not really. At least not for a part-time housewife like me. Ha. This is quite an outdated post which I meant to post last Friday but I just couldn’t find time to as I was trying to clear all the housework I have been so lazy too busy to clear and see to. I … Continue reading

Dress to Destress: Asymmetrical Skirts

Draw some attention to your legs and don an asymmetrical skirt! In case you are wondering, an asymmetrical skirt is a skirt with an uneven hem along the bottom that is appropriate for anyone! Distinguish yourself with the unique design of the skirt today. Add some flare to your outfit and get ready for Spring … Continue reading

Weekend Project

This is a super mini weekend project which I undertook on my own, of course, with the help of Poh telling me to go higher or lower. Yes, you read it right. HIGHER or lower. Before you think in a totally different direction, I need to clarify myself: I ordered wall decals and got them … Continue reading

New Launch by Effortlessly Chic!

Do you ever feel like you are not ready to go out because you are clueless on what you can don on without having to go through the trouble of mixing and matching? Thing About Love is here to solve your woes! In their upcoming launch themed Effortless Chic, you can find all the pieces … Continue reading

It’s MayDay!!!

It’s officially the first day of March! Did you have a good last day of February! Just last weekend, I attended my first concert of the year and boy did I had nothing but good old fun, screaming along with the fans and getting off my seat to dance along to all those groovy tunes! … Continue reading