It’s MayDay!!!

It’s officially the first day of March! Did you have a good last day of February! Just last weekend, I attended my first concert of the year and boy did I had nothing but good old fun, screaming along with the fans and getting off my seat to dance along to all those groovy tunes!

I have to admit… I’m not a fan of Mayday, neither am I looking really forward to the concert. In fact, I was roped into it as his sec sch bestie were really keen on the concert. So… I agreed to go… after they have bought the tickets. I was still lamenting about having to rush for a concert by a band whose songs I am not familiar with, except for the ones that were commonly played on the local radio.

We met at about 630 for a casual dinner at Jumbo Seafood behind Singapore Indoor Stadium. Nothing too full, just some rice and a few dishes. We even sat on to chat for a while, intending to arrive late for the concerts as many of the ones we have been to in the past started way past 830.

Not this one. Unexpectedly, it started on the dot and we were welcomed by not just seated audience but a standing ovation even before the band appears on the stage!

A super excited crowd

Needless to say, we scampered to our seats in the darkness and I was overwhelmed when we found it. My seat was no more than 3 metres from the actual stage!!! As I was not enthusiastic initially, I did not even bother checking with Poh where would we be sitting!

Within seconds, the band appeared on stage and sent everyone in the audience into states of frenzy. Though we get to see only the side view of the band and the performance was most of the time slightly obstructed by dangling wires, music systems and cameramen, I have nothing to complain about. The music was good, the audience was high, the atmosphere was just awesome!! In short, I was swept away with excitement and became a fan almost immediately.

Starting the concert with fast numbers was definitely a fantastic way to keep everyone who was already high higher and the energy radiated from both the band and the crowd was immense. It was as though the show have reached an all time high though it just started.


At first, I was still  a bit disappointed at how mismatched the design of the stage was as compared to the overzealous fans  and how it pales in comparison to the 360 degrees rotating stage used by Aaron Kwok during his concert last year but I was pleasantly surprised as the concert continues.

Different parts of the stage could be raised!

One of my favourite songs (P.S. This one I know!!!):

What's a concert with dazzling pyrotechnics?

The Ascent of the heavenly band, Mayday!

The really adorable images on the LED screens on the walls of the raised platforms

The formidable stage I so belittled! P.S Notice the seats behind the band were all filled! They were only on sale on the day of the concert itself!

A clear view of Stone, the band's lead guitarist

Not only are platforms raised, some are lowered from above!

The lovely fans who sings along to the band's every song

A solo piece by Shin, the lead vocalist

I really love this song which I only got to know through the concert: T1213121

A gleeful Masa

Getting closer to the audience

In this section, they started using acoustic guitars rather than the electric ones they were jamming, instilling a homely feeling in everyone present.


It's not hard to guess what song they were singing to: OAOA!

The audience held up A3 posters that accompanied each of their seat and turned the seating area into a sea of blue.

A quick flip of the A3 poster and a sea of rainbow is formed!


Poh and Ed

The designated end to the concert...

But who says the band can go?! ENCORE!

Illuminating the entire place with their mobile... Just like stars in the skies...

Ed, Poh & WW

WW and Me

Round 2!!! This time round they moved onto the elevated platform that surrounded the standing audience! Coolness!


Super excited to be that upclose to the lead singer! Automatically transforms into a crazy fan and joins in the crowd to snap pictures of him frantically!



The FIRST encore stopped here. Yes, there was ROUND 3!!! Super fun!!! P.S: Note the attire change!

Love this layout on the big header above the stage of the 5 members

Tell the difference between this pic and the next.

Spotted the difference? Hint: Someone is missing!

Spotted Ah Shin and Stone mimicking the action of playing a violin together. Cute!

ZM spotted!

Sadly, all good things do come to an end. The concert ended just before the clock strikes 12 (The band was fined in Taipei for ending their concert late!) and I must say, even without their famous hit,恋爱ing, this concert is rocking good! There was never a moment of dullness during the event and even though there were many songs that I did not know, I had lotsa fun jumping up and down to the upbeat tempos of the fast songs, swaying to the ballads and lala-ing to the ending song of ROUND 3:憨人. Plus, the audience even got a glimpse of the drummer’s daughter! Adorable!!!

With the courtesy of Jolene Teo via Joel Kwan who has kindly uploaded this video, I present to you:憨人.

P.S. I hope you enjoyed the funny speech Ah Shin made as much as I do. 

While waiting for the crowd to ease, we took some photos as memoirs of this super good concert!

Ed & Poh

Poh & I

Adieus Mayday! Til your next visit! Super looking forward already! Haha...

Til the next post! 🙂


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