New Launch by Effortlessly Chic!

Do you ever feel like you are not ready to go out because you are clueless on what you can don on without having to go through the trouble of mixing and matching? Thing About Love is here to solve your woes! In their upcoming launch themed Effortless Chic, you can find all the pieces that gets you all prepped up in minutes! Besides colourful casual tops that can be easily matched with a pair of skinny jeans or short hot pants, they have stylish dresses and skirts that get you all set for your date in minutes! Hop on over to their website to check out the new pieces before they are sold out to the ones who grab them like hot cakes! Before I forget, for you, yes YOU!, the awesome reader of this post, you get a 10% discount when you quote “ecturtlet” during your purchase! As for me, I’ve already set my eyes a few pieces. Hee hee… Stay tuned for more updates on the pieces in the upcoming launch! 😉


What Say You? ;)

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