Weekend Project

This is a super mini weekend project which I undertook on my own, of course, with the help of Poh telling me to go higher or lower.

Yes, you read it right. HIGHER or lower.

Before you think in a totally different direction, I need to clarify myself: I ordered wall decals and got them onto my wall.

Why the sudden act?

Well, since the balcony got on the newspapers, Poh made it his prerogative to make sure that the balcony look it best from every angle. Furthermore, the walls looked a little plain, I happened to chance upon a really nice design on Gmarket, I had a free weekend and I got started (actually it was with much coaxing from Poh that I got started cuz I really wanted to laze around!).

Click here to go to the exact page which I got these decals from and if you may want to check it out and see if there’s any that you might want to fit onto your walls. 😉

After browsing through their catalogue, we decided on getting this as it fits our balcony:

If you prefer one that does not have green leaves, as in you would prefer the whole decal is of the same colour, you may also take a look at this looking one:

I opted for registered mail so I had to collect it from the post office. The seller packed it really neatly and it was in good condition when I received the item.

In the package, there was 2 huge pieces of white sheets with the wall decals printed on them like these:

Pictures taken from seller’s website

We opted for the branch that is from the left as there was just a blank wall with a flowery stool leaning against it.

This was how the suggestion sheet looked like:

Note the numbers that are printed near each leaf and bird and branch? That’s what I followed. Sort of.

The wall decal comes in a mega big piece like this:

As you can see, there are like little plastics which I pasted over. These are actually slight adhesives which helped you to transfer the print onto the wall and they come off pretty easily after you have rubbed the print onto the desired part of the wall. As for the numbers, they tally with the ones shown in the instructions sheet above. The adhesive sheet comes in a huge piece too, so it is advisable for one to cut it to the appropriate size, paste it over the decal for easy transferring later. Here are some easy steps included in the instructions sheet you may wish to follow:

Step 1: Cut to appropriate size.

Step 2: TaDah! Smaller piece of adhesive cut! Time to paste it over the decal it was meant for.

Step 3: As this transparent adhesive sheet is, as I have mentioned, slightly adhesive, it does stick up hair, dust and other microbeings (i’ve got an ant… :/) that you may not want to. Do be careful when pasting it onto the wall decal.

Suggestion: Try tearing it off a little at a time as you stick the adhesive layer over the decal to minimise the “stuff” you unknowingly “attracted”.


Saw the hair at the edge? ;S

Step 4: Cut out the decal to a smaller piece so that you can transfer it easily onto the wall.

P.S. Don’t forget to write down the number on the transparent sheet if you are following the instructions sheet! I almost forgot and nearly got the leaves mixed up!

Fast forward >>>

Now that all the decals are pasted with the transparent adhesive and cut out to smaller pieces for easy transfer, it’s time for me to start getting the decals onto the wall!

Step 1: Peel off the decal a little at a time and stick it onto the wall bit by bit. You may use a card to rub against the decal so that it stick to the wall completely. Never mind the transparent adhesive layer as it is just used for transfer and be peeled off the wall easily without damaging the wall decal.

Plain Wall:

1st: Branch

This was slightly challenging as it was longish. Glad that Poh was around to lend a helping hand! ^^

2nd: Leaves

3rd: More leaves!

4th: 1st bird

5th: 2nd bird

Final touches:


Til the next post! 🙂


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