Dress to Destress: Asymmetrical Skirts

Draw some attention to your legs and don an asymmetrical skirt! In case you are wondering, an asymmetrical skirt is a skirt with an uneven hem along the bottom that is appropriate for anyone! Distinguish yourself with the unique design of the skirt today. Add some flare to your outfit and get ready for Spring 2012! Here’s how the model at Thing About Love flaunt her gams and work that skirt!

This gorgeous piece of asymmetrical skirt, the Shantelle’s skirt, comes in 2 pretty shade: Electric Blue and White. Grab yours today before it is too late! Quote ‘ecturtlet’ for a 10% discount! ^^

Click here to visit Thing About Love at their website/blogshop or here to go directly to the item! 🙂

4 Responses to “Dress to Destress: Asymmetrical Skirts”
  1. mel. says:

    These skirts are so lovely! And versatile!

    Mel. x


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