Make it right for a better ride!

“Ding Dong…Doors are closing. Du du du du du…”

Sounds familiar?

If you are a frequent user of the public transport, especially the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT a.k.a MRT), this would be something that you would have been so immune to that you don’t take notice of it anymore each time you take the MRT. Or rather, if you are listening to some deafening music plugged in, you would be oblivious. This catchy slogan is something I find really distinctive about the MRT. Besides warning those that were rushing to catch the train before the door closes, did you know it served a different purpose? Check this video out:

Credits to Fallen Hero. Please check out their covers, now with a side order of Trance and Dance mixes! You may also wish to follow them on Twitter at @fsuperhero. You could also leave them a message on their channel or reach them at (P.S. I’m helping them promote a little because I didn’t seek their permission to include their really cool video in my blog entry! Please forgive me!)

Pretty cool eh? I did not produce this video. Neither did I have any part to play in it. In fact, I was thankful I was not one of the featured commuters in it. Not only did it capture some pretty quirky behaviours (I like the flash mob!), you would have probably notice a woman who appeared throughout the video. She is definitely one passenger you would not want to share your carriage/ride on train with. Not only does she think of other passengers as crazy, she hits the one that was sitting on her right to get him out of his seat! Shocking? Yes. This may be an extreme case but there are also other bad behaviour exhibited by commuters which makes a normal ride on the MRT unpleasant. So  how could you, as a user, make it better?

1. Be nice to your ears.

Lower the volume of your music. Please do not make me doubt myself. I often have to choose between either: You are deaf or I am hearing things. How can anyone’s ears take that kind of volume?! I could HEAR Katy Perry’s Fireworks bursting into flames and LMFAO shuffling. LOL. I was dreaming… Was I?

2. Stop flicking your hair.

It is a personal pet peeve. I do not want hair in my face. It is that simple. I do not care if you had washed your hair or not. I just do not want it in my face, especially when the train is already so packed in the morning. Thanks. Period.


It is that simple. Again. I realised that users do. Take a look at how packed the train is in the morning:

P.S. Yes…I take pictures of unaware souls on the train too. Ha!

So how can anyone claim that the users did not heed what the service ambassadors tell us to? The commuters did but only to available spaces that they could stand properly and have access to a railing or handle. Yes… If you looked at the picture, and if you are a frequent user of the carriage, you would have noticed that I am standing at the connector between two carriages. And, if the train is so packed, how did I find space to whip out my phone and take a picture of the crowd? Simple. There was only me standing in the middle of the connector. The rest of the commuters all leaned against the walls of the connector. Pro: there was ample of space around me. Con: I was struggling to stand still. It was hard not wobble from side to side every time the train moved and stopped. No one wants to stand there.  Perhaps because

i) They are afraid of losing their balance and fall.

ii) They do not have access to any handles that were nearby enough for them to hold on to. They might, fall.

iii) The plates which joined the carriages together are not still. They shift, every time the train moves.

Suggestion: Install some handles, railings, anything that passengers can hold to prevent them from falling.

That may solve this problem.  ^^

4. Do not lean against the poles.


The poles in the new trains are installed with poles with branch-like handles for more commuter to hold on to them!

It is not to encourage leaning!!! Tsk.

You are not pole dancing. You do not need the whole pole. You do not look any sexier leaning on a pole. You will still lose your balance even if you lean on the pole. (Trust me, I’ve seen a person lean on a pole and was swung to the floor when the train jerked to a halt.)  Worse, still…

So, be a bit more considerate and just hold on to it!

5. Stop flaunting your legs.

Here are my stubby ones. Tsk.

Tuck them in. Keep them to yourself. How many times do we have to endure uncouth inconsiderate people who just love to either (i) open their legs/(ii) cross their legs so wide that they infringed the leg space of the seat next to them or  iii) stick out their legs and when you tripped over them, they stared hard at you as if they had no part to play in this mishap? Tsk. You are not Angelina Jolie and you ain’t got that gorgeous right leg! :p Neither do I. Tsk. 

6. Mind your kids.

Kids are bawling. You can’t help it. I understand. They could be hungry. They could have wet their pants. They could be having a bad day e.t.c.  Kids are running amok on the loose. Do something! Hold their hands! Show them some T.L.C. Tsk. Please teach your children some manners now or someone would, harsher, nastier and in a more unimaginable manner eventually. You don’t want that. Thanks. Plus, hold on to their tiny hands while you still have the chance to. In a few years time, theywould not let you do that anymore. Treasure these precious moments. 🙂

7. Be polite.

It does get quite squeezy during peak hours. People are oblivious to you getting off the train. So, instead of being impatient, alert them. Let them know. A gentle tap or a “Skius Me…” to those immersed in their “Draw Something” is not too much. For the unknowing, please be more sensitive to your surroundings. Your iphone/ipad/samsung is not the only thing that is with you on the train. I just heard a lady screamed out,”Stop Pushing!” this morning on my way to work. Unpleasant? Yes. Avoidable? Yes.


Just do it. The right way. ^^

I think we grew up in an environment where we were very lucky to have a good transport system. We do not need to take hours to reach our destination. The train comes relatively regularly. It is air-conditioned, clean most of the time and it is almost an enjoyable ride every time I’m take the MRT. Over time, some of us got complacent and started becoming demanding. We blamed others for the lack of space. We pointed fingers at SMRT. I do agree that with the increase in the population, it can be quite cramped on board. However, it is still possible to make travelling on the MRT pleasant. Let us play our part. Take a cue from this cute boy. He’s only 8 but I do think he’s pretty good in putting what he wants to tell the commuter in a neat poem:

Pretty impressed, especially since this is coming from a Primary 2 pupil. Walk the talk!

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