Busy busy busy…

These few weeks zoomed past so quickly I hardly had time to catch a breath. First it was my examinations. Then it was the rushing to finish up the project I was on by the dateline. Now that the project had entered its last phase, it was really a slight of relief for the team. However, it would not end til this coming Friday so onwards we go!

It was Alina’s Birthday a few weeks ago and the lunch group prepared a little surprise for her. She was not aware of this sweet gesture by the ladies in the group and was caught aback. So cute. Ha!
















Nanyang Polytechnic is celebrating its 20th Anniversary at the Resorts World Sentosa on 30 March 2012 and Poh is bringing me! So exciting! It’s taking place the following week and I can’t wait! Will be posting pictures of the event! Stay tuned!

Following our shopping, we brought Nicole and Mum to visit a newfound place that has attracted some attention: The Punggol Promenade. If you are a resident of Punggol New Town, you would have probably know it by now. For us, mum, Nicole and Iko included, it was our first trip to the newly developed place.

On our way, I googled the way and Poh drove. It turned out that sometimes, it is better to google your way there before you head out. Apparently, this was what was shown on Google Maps:

On a closer look, I realised… There are 2 other possible routes which are SHORTER! O_o

Note red and green arrows.


The place is pretty tucked in so for those who are interested, get yourself from wherever you are to Punggol New Town and follow these directions:

Google Map does help drivers to visualise where the roads are. Just not happy it directed us to use a long route. Tsk.

Word of advice: If you are interested to go, please go early. Parking is very limited. We reached around 6.15pm and the carparks were full and the road was packed with cars waiting to enter the carpark. The parking slots along the road were all taken and we had no choice but to park our car illegally too. 😦

P.S. So glad this place is very ulu-summy. That would mean that the car park attendant would be less likely to appear! Hee hee…

After getting down, we headed straight to where nature beckons.

It looks a bit deserted from the way I took the picture but trust me, it is a really crowded place, good for family outings where the children can ride their bicycles along the tracks and one can take a stroll along the Serangoon River. There was also a couple having their wedding shoot!

There was 4 pavilions a short distance from where we parked and these housed the places to makan! We had read good reviews about Frenzie Bar and Bistro and decided to dine in there.

We made our orders and the food came shortly after. 😀

Mushroom Soup

There was an overdose of pepper in this soup though it was really thick and one could really taste the mushrooms. My niece could not stand the spiciness after a while and drank plenty of water. Luckily this did not spoil her appetite for her main.

My niece insisted I take a picture of the soup dish after we are done.

Tuna Salad

This was really yummy. The tuna was very fresh. There was no unpleasant raw smell unlike other fishes and the vegetables came with my favourite salad dressing, the vinaigrette.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Prawns

The prawns are succulent and I like the way they prepare the dish but I do find the spaghetti a little too soggy for my liking.

Kid’s Meal: Spaghetti with Tomato 

I realised, with each outing with Nicole, the kid’s menu is really not exceptionally fanciful. This is one of the choice. The other was nuggets I think.

Grilled Chicken with Chips

This dish was served with a whole chicken. We were quite taken aback by the generous portion and Poh really had his fill.

Thin Crust Pizza with Crabmeat Toppings

This pizza was really good. I love the thin pieces of octopus shavings they placed on top of the pizza and how much crab meat I have in mouth with every bite. I also love how they made the crust really crispy. This was supposed to be mum’s main but it was more than enough for 2 to share.

Cheese-baked Mussels

Not knowing how big the portions of food were served, we even went on to add this as a side dish. It was really good. I like how there was no sand in the mussels unlike some which I have eaten. Ugh. They were not skimpy about the cheese but what I find interesting about this dish is, the mussels were served on ice. Perhaps to cool the cheese?

I have always liked al fresco dining and to dine near the nature has its pros and cons. Not only was it cooling (we went in the evening), it was really pleasant to have a a gorgeous spread of greenery as one’s backdrop while one dines.

The cons would include the threatening grey clouds that were looming in on us and uninvited insects which were either attracted by the lights that lit the restaurant when night falls or the food. Hmm..

In general, it was a good experience though it could have been better:

1. The staff was a little disorganised when the dinner crowd started building up and though our orders were served, there seemed to be duplicates of our order and the staff came over a few times, attempting to serve us the same dish again.

2.Though it is an alfresco restaurant, it does not encourage one to bring dogs. We were nearly turned away and one of the staff even had to tell us not to put our dog on the chair as it is the LAW. okay… We were nice and did not really want to kick up a fuss over Iko but a couple who came later with 2 dogs did. Apparently they had called earlier and the staff who picked up the call actually told them pets were allowed. Tsk. There was no signs prohibiting dogs at the restaurant. Furthermore, it was not a halal restaurant. I figured that they probably wanted to avoid displeased patrons who do not like to dine with presence of dogs. Tsk.

3. Another area which I thought they could have done better was to inform us about the portions of the dishes we have ordered. We struggled to finish the food and by the time we did, we could hardly walk. It would be nice to just inform us how many people each dish is good for.

Other than Frenzie, there was also three other places you can choose to have your meal at these other places that are just a stone’s throw away from each other:

Shin Nichi

Popeye’s Fried Chicken

Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant

Night soon fell and after our dinner, we went for a short stroll along the Serangoon River.

Nicole’s Work of Art

Just as we were leaving, we heard some noises. Taking a closer look, we were surprised to see an indoor football court.

It was pretty cool to see women playing soccer rather than men. Nearer to the carpark, there was a commotion going on and that there seemed to be a fishing competition going on.

Never would I want to fish a fish unless it is for survival. Fishing for sport seemed cruel though I must admit… I love eating fish. Sigh.. I am contradicting myself but I really can’t bear seeing the fish struggle and flap their tails so hard, some leaped out of the bucket and fell hard to the cement floor while some had internal bleeding and gasped desperately for air. A pretty painful death I would say… Ouch… *Squirm*

Til the next post! 🙂


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