1st Wedding Anniversary ^^

A few days before the A-day, I received a text from Mom. She lamented about how time flies and that it was almost a year since I moved out of my home in PR. Upon reading her text, I realised…

Poh and my wedding anniversary was coming in another few days’ time!

Though I was initially shocked at how time really flies, I was quite pleased at how we have SURVIVED this one year.

Yes… it was never easy for any two stubborn mules to love each other, lest live together.Haha!

There was plenty of getting used to, pointing of fingers, pushing the blame, shirking the responsibility… Ok. I was the mostly the guilty one but one thing that I was quite certain, we stuck by each other even after all the squabbles.

So, I began my plan… Not exactly a plan to be precise. More like a mission to drop hints on the fact that the A-day was arriving, and that perhaps a nice dinner would be good or like you know, something sweet from him would really make my day. Turned out that he was more well prepared for the A-day than I was. Haha… And I thought he would forgot. (Actually it did slip his mind. TSK. But that’s besides the point. Plus, he recalled. So I shall pretend it has always been on his mind amidst his research. *stared hard at him from the corner of my eye*) So on this special day, we went to a place both of us have not been to before…

Guess which of these places are we heading to?




The Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum

To get to know about this beautifully designed lotus-inspired museum, click here.

I love not just how iconic the design is but also how environmental friendly it is. Do you know that rainwater is collected and recycled for use in the building’s restrooms? Brilliant innovation fuses both beauty and functionality. 🙂

We got our selves a pair of tickets to the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and were instantly transported back to the 1920s when we stepped into the hallway.

P.S. Photography is STRICTLY prohibited in the exhibition. What you will be seeing are mere sneak peeks from my iphone! Get yourself a pair of tix to see the real stuff!

The ‘Unsinkable’

On the day it set sail…

A hint of the opulence in the First Class Cabins

Ok. That’s all folks.

I don’t really want to flout the rules so here’s just 3 peeks I took. The rest of time was spent in the museum appreciating all the efforts that have been placed into building the ship, admiring the artifacts that were recovered from the different classes and the belongings of some of the passengers who were onboard as well as following the series of events that led to the disaster. It was that near to its destination when it struck the iceberg. The ship broke into half, literally. Pretty freakish even when all we saw were like simulation of the ship on a discovery channel video that was replayed within the hallways of the exhibition. Scary. I would have been so traumatized and stood rooted to the ground. Then again, maybe I couldn’t because I would be sliding off the deck. O.M.G. *shudders*

Lessons learnt from this disaster:

 1. Have enough lifeboats onboard. The ship could accomodate 32 but they only had 20! Even though it met the rules and regulations then, there were only enough to ferry one third of the passenger onboard should an accident occur.

2. Knowing how to swim is an asset, though it may not be very useful in such a disaster. When I was young, I was brought up thinking that Singapore is a puny island, I must learn how to swim so as not to drown should the place flood. After visiting the exhibition, when you are trapped, overwhelmed with cold, frozen with nothing but the clothes you are wearing on you, one would probably die trying. Most of the passengers, after being thrown into the waters, died of hypothermia because it was simply too cold. By the time the sun rise, most of them were dead. There was also this huge block of ice which the visitors are free to touch. Super cold. Totally could imagine the anxiety and helplessness of those stuck amidst the fragements of ice that surrounded them and soaked to their skin in the icy cold water. *shakes hard to erase thought off*

3. Love your husband as much as you can, while you can when he is alive. (I promise I promise!) Most husbands on the ship were sacrifaced. Except for the first lifeboat which carried mostly first-class men, the rest of the lifeboats carried mostly women and children. Many men were left on the ship and lost their lives when the ship sank.

A very interesting thing to note while attending the exhibition:

At the entrance, we were given a ‘boarding pass’.

At the back of the pass was a name of a passenger. When we finished the entire exhibition, we would come to this wall with all the names of the passengers written on it. We would then be able to find out if the passenger on our card has survived this ordeal or not. The one on mine did. Her husband did not. It was a tragedy that no one expected. Very heart wrenching.

4. Last but not least, when you want to travel, travel rich. It is an unfortunate fact. Most of the first class passengers were saved. Many of the third class passengers did not make it. Priorities would always be given to those who paid more. Sigh… Moral of the story: Work hard and earn more money! >.<

For those who would like to take a look at the Titanic now, here are some photos of it from National Geography. It may seemed eerie but I felt it was much more of a pity. Such a gigantic and magnificent work is reduced to mere waste metal subjected to rush and metal-eating bacteria. Oh well… This shows one thing: Even the biggest giant may fall one day.

If you would like to reminisce the grandeur of the ship, you are in luck. Fans of Titanic, jump for joy! The movie, Titanic, is back in the cinemas, in 3D! Relive the moment when Jack holds Rose by her waist and says, “You jump, I jump” and sing along to the classic theme song of the movie by Celine Dion, My Heart will Go On… and on… and on… Ahem.

P.S. My favourite scene was when both the granny and the grandpa hugged each other tightly as they lie on their bed and faced their looming death together. Very sweet. Very sad. 😦

A shot with a huge sandal before we head off for our next destination!

We wanted to get a drink after our visit to the museum and after much contemplation, we decided to give ourselves a little treat for the special occassion and headed to a place which offer the spectacular Marina Bay Sands:the Fullerton Bay Hotel, which is just across the Marina Bay Reservoir.

The Landing Point

We walked through the corridors and landed at the lounge of the hotel also called the Landing Point. How apt! ^^ Just as we got comfortable in the outdoor seats and got ourselves some pretty pictures of the night view, I felt tiny drops of rain. Not someone who adores the rain as much as I do when I was younger, I persuaded Poh to move indoors for fear of a sudden downpour. He gave in (Yay!) and we settled ourselves on the tall chairs facing the bar while listening to the live band perform old English hits.

When we were informed by the staff that they were having a chocolate buffet, we were really tempted into trying it but as we had a full dinner earlier on, chocolate buffet for two sounded really… jelat. Poh then asked if we could order a person’s portion for 2 to share. The staff hesitated in answering us and told us she would check and get back to us. Surprisingly, she came back and told us it was possible. (Yippee!) Super pleased at the fact that we could get a dessert spread for 2 at the price of 1! This is what I call quality customer service, giving what the customer wants with what a staff could within his/her means. ^^

The Chocolate Spread 

White Chocolate Lollies with Raspberry Sprinkles

“Life is like a box of chocolates…”

“…You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Chocolate Fondue with Fresh Fruits and Marshmallow

Signing off with a picture of me and the yummy nom noms:

and a note to the special him:

Dear Poh,

Thank you for the lovely day. Let’s continue to create many memories together, happy or sad, good or bad. 🙂

I ♥  U!

 *Gives a Snoopy Kiss* SMAK!

Til the next post! 🙂

4 Responses to “1st Wedding Anniversary ^^”
  1. samestoy says:

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    I have posted the stories which have been sent in on;
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    Take care and…congratulations!

  2. missuschewy says:

    Happy one year anniversary to you and your husband! What a sweeeet sweeeet post! Loved the pics you took! And nice, you managed to snap a few pictures at the Titantic exhibition! Hahaha 😛 I went too, but was too timid to try taking any!

    • eMoTuRtLeT84 says:

      Haha.. I was pretty timid too but I saw some girls snap some group pictures and I thought I could to but discretely. Hope you enjoyed the exhibition. I love it. 🙂

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