Meet-ups During the Holidays!

For many working adults, the March holidays was a worrisome one for them. Their kids are at home. Yes, not in school but on holidays! It was the holiday week for most of the schools in Singapore last week. Most of my colleagues took leave to accompany their children. Some took leave to supervise their kids and ensure they finish their holiday homework. As for me, I was glad I could squeeze in some time to meet my taxi khaki Joyce! We used to cab together to school as we were living just a street away from each other and meeting her over a meal at the Coffee Club at Tampines One was simply great! We spent some time catching up and she’s still the bubbly music lover I knew. Perhaps a little more mature. Haha. And a little tired from the crazy school schedule. Anyway, it was time to dig in! Fancy us having dinner only close to 8pm!

Joyce and Me

Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice

Pretty yummy. Filling. Best eaten hot. Generous portions of chicken. Love the vegetables that comes with my favourite salad dressing, the vinaigrette. Nom nom nom…


Joyce was so looking forward to eating her slippery lobster spaghetti but they ran out of it so she settled for a safe choice. It was not too bad though she was a little disappointed. So glad we had this to cheer her up:

Mango Macaroon

If that was what it was called. Haha… Couldn’t remember the exact name of it but it was one huge macaroon and there was visible chunks of mango in it, not just mushy puree. Lurvvee  mango! Very yummy. Love it the first time we had it. Still taste as good. Doesn’t really fancy those places with cakes that eventually just became an ordinary cake. Haha… Joyce saw that the picture was not done nicely as there was some distraction/thrash in the background so being the super supportive babe she always is, she removed all of those and I took another of our dessert.

Nice right?  Spot the difference?

She’s so sweet. Haha.. Had a good time catching up! So going to meet her the next holiday she has!

Here are some pictures which were taken also during holidays but are quite outdated! Haha… Taken close to the end of last year and in the beginning of this year, here goes:

Pre Christmas Dinner At Suzy Mama’s Place

Chill-out At Iced Cool Beer 

9 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore. Tel: +65 6735 9929

This is a hidden place and it is not visible from the busy streets of Orchard Road. Crossing the road at 313@Somerset, I entered a dark lane along TCC The Coffee Connoisseur and strut against the old buildings that lined the street til I was greeted with a buzz of life behind the canopy. The entire stretch dotted with cafes, pubs and live bands comes alive when the sun sets. There, the atmosphere is ablaze. People started lining up, trying to get a seat and get together with their friends. We weren’t different. 🙂 This is a place recommended by Clara for their chicken wings and yummy beer. Determined not to miss out on good food and great company , I went straight after work, reached the place at 7 pm, only to realise the place was packed. There was only tall seats enough for 4 people. Undeterred, we decided to hang out there anyway. I’ve got a cool bunch of ex-colleagues. 😉

Located in a two-storey shophouse, it is a pretty neat place except the walkway are pretty narrow. Perhaps that explains why the place is filled up very quickly. In a blink of an eye, there was hardly any space for us to move around. We were surrounded by other patrons and often brushed shoulders with the waitresses and waiters trying to squeeze past us to get to the stairs or to reach the bar counter on the second level. The interesting thing about this place was shown in the last picture above. That was the way they transported ice to the upper level: By the old-fashioned way of using a pulley system and a bucket. Pretty old-school. Cool. 😀

Our food came shortly after and the food was indeed as good as what Clara claimed. Perhaps a little too good artificially. The wings had a tad too much msg added. No one complained though we were quite thirsty later in the evening. Everyone was hungry and we began digging in. We drank and chatted to our hearts’ delight.

I love how they make their pizzas. The crust is crisp and the toppings, generous. Yums!

It was my first time trying the Somersby Apple Cider and it was good!

The Company

Missing out QY and Bryan who came much later due to work.

Clara tempted me with my farewell present! Haha.. How thoughtful of them. *gives snoopy kiss: SMAK!*

Yay! All mine! Jealous JQ trying to steal one. Oei! See no touch!

It was a good evening spent after a hectic day at work. 🙂

Poh received the photographs which Patrick took using his camera during our mini house warming during the CNY earlier this February and I’ve decided to include them in this post. Check out these pictures taken with a camera that needs film!

So looking forward to the pictures he took of us at the Marina Bay Ilight. Stay tuned!

Til the next post! 🙂


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